WAL Updates

August 8th 2016

Big news from WAL as we move forward on our effort to bring the sport to a worldwide audience and expand to new competitors around the globe. Our Championship broadcasts are going great, and new viewers and athletes by the million are getting a look at us and seeing armwrestling at its highest level. Keep tuning in, Super Heavyweights are next!
2017 is set to be another big year for armwrestling at home and abroad, and here is how the year will look for the World Armwreslting League:  
WAL State Championship Series
Sept. 17 – Dec. 17
We will re-ignite our State Championship Series this fall to find out who is the baddest in the country across all 50 states as armwrestlers continue to up their game. Are you the strongest in Texas? California? North Carolina? Get to your WAL State Championship and find out.
WAL 2017 Season
Jan. 7 – July 1
Qualifiers for Las Vegas 2017 will begin with the new year, and WAL and the best directors in the land will host as a slew of tournaments in the first six months of the year to determine who will compete in The Pit. Qualifying criteria will be announced a bit later in the year so stay tuned - we are implementing something new and exciting…

We are working with our European partners to set a schedule now and will update as soon as dates are known.
WAL Rankings System
In the coming weeks we will unveil a huge new initiative for WAL armwrestling – a comprehensive ranking system for all pro and amateur athletes! The system will deliver live, constantly updated rankings as armwrestlers compete around the country, delivering ratings based on how much you compete and who you beat. It’s an exciting development that represents a first for armwrestling on this scale and a big move forward for the sport. Details to come as we roll out the system!
‘First Timers’ Division
In an effort to entice more competitors to the sport, WAL will offer a simple way for first timers to get their feet wet in an armwrestling competition without having to join a full, bracketed tournament. For $10 an arm you can jump into a fun competition with informal matches and see if you’ve got what it takes to be an armwrestler.

Details on all the above elements will appear on the WAL web site over the coming weeks, and we will post them on our Facebook page as they are ready, so stay tuned and get ready to throw down.
Grip up. Fight hard.

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