WAL to Expand Entries to 2017 Championships Event!

February 27th 2017

Exciting news on the 2017 Season and upcoming Championships!

With incredibly high interest from the armwrestling community in participating in the massive 2017 Championships at the House of Blues in Las Vegas, WAL is pumped to announce the following:  WAL will open up 4 more spots per arm, per class to advance to 2017 Finals from the Chicago event on May 13!
That’s right – now the “Great 8” will now be the “Tenacious 12.”
For clarity, here’s what this means: 
FROM THE CHICAGO EVENT on May 13, 12 competitors per arm/per class will move on to the WAL 2017 Championships. Once more: 12 from the “Tenacious 12” (formerly the Great 8) in Chicago on May 13 will go to Championships at the House of Blues in Los Vegas.
(Note: If you are ranked in the Top 6 in your arm/class after the Los Angeles Major event – you can NOT attend the “Tenacious 12” in Chicago.)
For details of the Chicago event, please visit this link.
For information on the WAL 2017 season, please see this link.
In addition to the Chicago spots, WAL will also open up two more spots per arm/per class from the European SuperQualifier as well. The total advancing out of Europe will now be 5 competitors per arm/class.  Get ready for the biggest event ever!
More competitors, more armwrestling, more competition - it’s going to be a royal rumble in Las Vegas!
Please send us any questions to info@walunderground.com and keep training. More slots open for Las Vegas! Get armwrestling!     

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