WAL Straps Update

January 20th 2017

WAL Nation:

As many of you have heard, with the advent of live events for WAL this year, we are experimenting with different strap options to continue the evolve the sport as a puller- and spectator-friendly destination. With that in mind, we will adopt the following policy at the WAL Southern Classic, “Battle in the Bayou” on Feb. 11 in the House of Blues in New Orleans:

- For all left-handed matches, we will use the single-loop strap around the center of the hands only.
- For all right-handed matches, we will use a new fast-application, 2-buckle hand-and-wrist strap recently prototyped in Canada.

In all cases in any match, where the experimental strap fails on first application or is otherwise unworkable, we will revert to the traditional strap. Additionally, WAL reserves the right to abandon an experimental strap altogether during the event if it proves unworkable in a tournament/live-event context.

We hope this experiment will result in immediate and clear results on how to move forward as we move into our following Major and Great 8 events, and our massive 2017 Championships LIVE on ESPN on June 29. We understand change can be hard to absorb in the sport, but we at WAL want to be sure we are constantly pushing ourselves to showcase this awesome sport in the best way we can as the live-event and TV landscape continues to evolve and expand before us, presenting ever-greater opportunities to expose millions of people to it.

As those opportunities continue to come up, we will continue to rise to adapt and meet each new challenge – this policy at the WAL Southern Classic is one more step in that direction.

Thank you and we’ll see you in New Orleans (French Quarter!),

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