WAL Southern Classic “Battle in the Bayou” blows the doors out

March 28th 2017

The World Armwrestling League’s 2017 Battle of the Bayou in New Orleans, the first event in this year’s WAL Majors series, blew the roof off the House of Blues on Feb. 11.
The daylong event, the biggest qualifier of WAL’s newly-remodeled season structure, featured top pullers reminding everyone why they’re the best, and rising guys planting their flag on the armwrestling mountain.
The matches of the weekend went down in the heavyweight division, where the Canadian Matt Mask went to war with the father and grandfather known as “The Legend,” Ron Bath.
The two titans were at the top of the pile for the heavyweight finals on each arm, with Mask besting Bath on the left, and Bath taking the top honors on the right.
Jerry Cadorette continued to rumble in the super heavyweight division, as he took top honors on both arms – but not before fending off an incredible challenge from Florida’s Karl Stanley, who took “The GingerDread Man” best-of-five on the left arm.
Ray Hennerichs dominated the 165-class, winning on both arms.
WAL head referee Bart Wood said he expects big things from Hennerichs in 2017.
“Ray Hennerichs will be more of a contender this year,” Wood said. “He looks healthy and strong in the 165 class.”
In the middleweight division, Louisiana’s own Craig “The Fury” Tullier won out on the right arm against his training partner and friend, Daniel Mosier.
On the left arm, Eric Roussin had one of the wars of the day with Jean-Philippe Pare, a training partner of Mask’s from Canada.
“He and Roussin had a great battle in the finals,” Wood said. “Eric was able to figure him out and find some angles, and come back. It was pretty interesting.”
The WAL Majors series continues on April 15 with Havoc in Hollywood, the Western Classic event in Los Angeles.
Wood said curious pullers and fans should come check out the Majors, as they are unlike any qualifier before, featuring big lights, awesome introductions and specialized prizes.
The next event is in Los Angeles on April 15 for the Western Classic, and Chicago hosts the 2017 Midwestern Classic on May 13.
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