WAL President Steve Kaplan Talks, “Creating Heroes On A Regional Basis” w/ New WAL Major Series

February 21st 2017

WAL President Steve Kaplan recently sat down for an in-depth Q&A with new WAL Correspondent Nick Hausman.

During their discussion Kaplan goes in to detail about a variety of hot topics going in to the 2017 WAL season. You can find some of his comments regarding the launch of the new WAL Majors Series transcribed below.


NH: 2017. A big year. A lot of major things going on right now. What can the WAL Nation expect from WAL in 2017?

SK: The first thing I want to talk about is the addition of our WAL Majors Series. I am so pumped about that. This is going to be a corner stone to our growth. A big step forward in the evolution of armwrestling and to turning WAL in to a major force. The interesting thing about these events is that it gives us a monthly big event leading up to our WAL Championship live on ESPN. In February, March, April and May we have events leading up to our WAL Championships in June. More importantly, it allows us to start building a fanbase and creating heroes on a regional basis.

So, every year for example, we are going to have the Southern Classic, Eastern Classic, Western Classic and every single year we are going to have that. We are going to have a Midwest Classic. It allows us to focus regionally on what is going on there. We are going to develop our grassroots in to something really amazing with some iconic awards and prizes. Every single year people will compete, for example, in the Southern Classic for the Golden Gator.

Every year they compete for that and that’s a separate championship unto itself. It’s not just that everything is a feeder for our WAL Championships. These are iconic awards and it also allows us to market and promote on a regional basis in a very big way. Year after year it will be the cornerstone for growth not just here but globally. There shouldn’t be a reason that next year we don’t have one of these events in Europe. There’s no reason why not. It gives us a chance to really go.

​You can view the full interview between Steve and Nick with tons of updates for WAL's 2017 season by clicking HERE.

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