WAL Launches State Championship Series

August 3rd 2015

Millions of viewers tuned in to the World Armwrestling League’s groundbreaking 2015 season on ESPN, and millions more watched WAL champ Devon “No Limits” Larratt easily take down Hafthor Bjornsson, aka The Mountain from Game of Thrones!

Now, the global leader in pro pulling is taking the sport on the road with the WAL 50 States Series!

Fifty events will be held in all 50 states through December, from sea to shining sea. The tournaments will settle once and for all who deserves the title of greatest puller in their state, while offering winners an automatic berth into WAL’s massive 2016 regional championship. Go here to see when the WAL is coming to your state.

“With the WAL 50 States Series, we want to settle a lot of local scores on who can claim the title of the best in each state,” WAL President and Commissioner Steve Kaplan said. “At the same time, we want to encourage new competitors to come to the table and experience firsthand the energy and excitement of a WAL event.”

Those finishing at the top of the four men’s weight classes will receive an automatic bye and automatically advance to the WAL’s 2016 regional championships. The 50 States Series adopts a modified weight class structure and features an overall competition that will reveal who is the strongest in the state, with 100 state champions (50 to each arm) being crowned by the Series’ end.

“In every state across the nation, competitors want to know, ‘who is the best in my backyard?’” Kaplan noted. “We’ll give them a chance to find out, and see who our contenders are going to be in the 2016 season.” Here’s how it will work:                               
  • Go to the “Events” tab at WALUnderground.com to see when your state’s event is going down in the coming months. All pullers will also need to register on the site.
  • Out-of-state athletes can compete in any event they want, but once you are crowned champion in one state you cannot compete elsewhere.
  • State Champion titles are only open to citizens of the U.S., Canada and Mexico.
  • Each event features a modified weight class structure on each arm. In men’s competition, that’s 0-155, 156-175, 176-215 and 216+. At the end of the standard tournament, an overall battle is held on the left and right arms to determine state champ via a best-of-three matches battle between weight class winners.
  • Women will compete in a single weight class.
  • There will be amateur, master and pro divisions for men and women. Amateur division is open to pullers who have competed in less than 5 events. The masters division is exclusively for competitors over the age of 45 as of Jan. 1, 2015. Only pullers competing in the pro division are eligible for the WAL 50 Series State championship. Although the WAL has an amateur division for newcomers to test their skills, competitors can enter to compete in whichever division they want.
  • The tourney is double elimination brackets for determining left and right arm winners.
  • Competition will use standard WAL grip and foul rules, including the running foul.
  • Cost to compete in $30 per arm. Go to WALUnderground.com to register.
  • In addition to an automatic bye into the WAL’s 2016 regional championships, each WAL 50 Series State champ receives several prizes, including an award, a state champion t-shirt, a profile and a profile and presence on WALUnderground.com

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