WAL 2016 Women’s Championship Recap

August 23rd 2016

The World Armwrestling League’s 2016 campaign has emphasized the “World,” opening the sport’s biggest competition to a global stall of contenders for the first time. The Swedish women arrived and quickly put a massive handprint on the three weight classes of the women’s division. Fia Reisek laid waste to her North American competition, effortlessly pulling and pinning opponents en route to a left and right arm title in the 149-pound weight class. She joined “Iron Man” Tony Kitowski“No Limits” Devon Larratt and Travis “The Beast” Bagent as champions who hoisted two championship hammers at the end of their day.

Christy Resendes and “The Catcher” Joyce King came in second on the left and right arms, respectively. But neither were much of a match for Reisek’s insane hand and wrist strength.
In the 149+ category, Reisek’s countrywoman, Felicia Rydstedt, beat Joyce King’s daughter, Jessica King, despite giving up nearly 8 inches of height, to take her own left hand WAL Hammer of Champions to their homeland.

Heidi Cordner, a hard-hitting math teacher out of Toronto, took the right hand 149+ title. Nadiya Wilczynski was dominant in the right hand 128 class, while Barb Schlegel took top honors on the left land 128 battle. Reisek and Rydstedt joined men’s middleweight champion Niklas “The Steel Giraffe” Nannestad as top finishers out of Sweden.

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