WAL 2016 Qualifiers- Regionals & Finals

March 24th 2016

Below are our 2016 Qualifiers.

Novice competitors advance to Finals.
Pro comepetitors (men & women) advance to Regionals.
Please email info@walunderground.com if you believe you should be on this list and are not listed below.


Adam Cronk- Right
Adam Davidson- Right/Left
Adam Umemoto- Right
Albert Fournier- Right
Alberto Aneses- Right
Alex Borshch- Right
Alex Fornal- Right
Alex Stavrianoudakis- Right
Ali Baquri- Right/Left
André St-Germain- Right/Left
Andy Hillabrandt- Right/Left
Anthony Niemo- Left
Anthony Orsini - Right
Anthony Parisi- Right
Anthony Registers - Right/Left
Artem Sesenko- Right/Left
Austin Gagne- Right
Austin Jaggers- Right
Aubrey Smith- Left
Bj Meche- Right 
Bobby Hood- Right
Bryce leiker- Right
Ben Cermak- Left
Ben Johnson- Right
Bill Mastropool- Right/Left
Billy Nghiem- Right
Blake Horr- Right
Brad Clark- Left
Brad Stephens- Right/Left
Brandon Carlson- Right
Brandon Norris- Right/Left
Brandon Williams- Right
Brent Barby- Right/Left
Brent Bellamy- Right/Left
Brent Wines- Right/Left
Brent Wines- Right/Left
Brian King- Right/Left
Brian kwasiki- Right
Brian Ramey- Right
Brock Giese- Right
Brock Kelly- Left
Brock Tobish- Right/Left
Bruce Scott- Right/Left
Bryan Crandall- Right/Left
Bryce Willaims- Right/Left
Billy Weis- Right/Left
Christian Moore- Right/Left
Clyde morales- Right/Left
Casey Ivy- Right
Chad Eckert- Right/Left
Chad Lundy- Left
Charlie Trapper- Right
Chase Hortin- Right/Left
Chaz Chappell- Left
Chris Adams- Left
Chris Belcher- Left
Chris butler- Right/Left
Chris Commander- Right/Left
Chris Cuccolo- Right/Left
Chris Jenkins - Right/Left
Chuck Bardo- Right/Left
CJ Lettau- Right/Left
Clay Boatman - Right/Left
Clayton Turcotte- Right/Left
Cody Eaves- Left
Cody Johnson- Right
Cody Mana- Right
Cody Smith- Left
Cody VandeWeerd- Right/Left
Cody Ward- Right
Cole Holiday- Right/Left
Cole Smith- left
Colin Stroeder- Right/Left
Colt Torkelson- Left
Corey Dupuis- Right/Left
Corey Kitowski- Right/Left
Clayton Langston- left
Cody Barton- Right
Cody hunick- Right/Left
Cody Ward- Left
Conana Medak- Right/Left
Dallas Langston- Right/Left
David Gutierrez- Right
Dallas Langston- Right/Left
Dalton Alexander- Right/Left
Dalton Allen- Right/Left
Dalton Lester- Right
Dalton Von Hooser- Left
Damir Okanovic- Left
Dan Hall- Right/Left
Dan Jasso- Right
Dan Koenigsberg- Right
Dan Schmidtknecht- Right
Dan Splendoria- Left
Dan Wardlaw- Right/Left
Daniel Johnson- Left
Danny Hartford- Right
Danny Pacola- Left
Darnell Wojcichowsky- Right/Left
Darren Herberg- Right
Dave DePew- Right
David Gregory- Right/Left
David Hall- Left
David Morrison- Right
David Rokusek- Left
Davlet Baltabyev- Right/Left
Daylon Eaton- Right
David Eckert- Right
Dean banaian- Right
Dennis Kochel- Right/Left
Derek Hutzkal- Left
Derek Loraff- Left
Derrick Metcalf- Right
Dillon Houghton- Right/Left
Don Morgan- Right
Doug Hogan- Left
Doug Rigby- Left
Donavon Wells- Left
Dusitn Allen- Right
Dustin Chapman- Right/Left
Dustin Tucker- Right/Left
Dwight Bregenton- Left
Earl Turner- Right/Left
Emanuel Cardona- Left
Eric Crespo- Right
Eric Kleinecke- Right
Eric Paradis- Right/Left
Eric Perez- Right
Eric Turpin- Right
Evan sumner- Right/Left
Evan Williams- Left
Fabian Colin- Right/Left
Fabian Mora- Right
Forrest Moore- Right/Left
Frank Biundo- Right/Left
Gage Jordan- Right
Garret Layher            - Left
Garth Green- Right
Gary Howery- Left
Gaylon Russell- Right
Gino Bellas- Left
Greg Brown- Right/Left
Greg Finney- Right
Gustavo Gutierrez- Right
Harry stewart- Right
Henry Griffin - Right/Left
Henry Jimenez- Right/Left
Ian Tronnier- Right/Left
Ilya Khan- Right
Ivan Desindes            - Right
Jacob Feliciano- Right
Jacob Gardiner- Left
Jacob Hammond- Right/Left
Jacob Jung- Right/Left
Jacob Newman- Left
Jake Fesko- Left
Jake Lottman- Right/Left
James Stinson            - Right/Left
Jamie hoburn- Right/Left
Jarrod Rose- Left
Jake Halterman- Right
Jason domino- Right
Jason Frickley- Right/Left
Jason Darienzo- Right/Left
Jason Goetz- Right/Left
Jason kenney- Right/Left
Jason Meader- Right
Jason Moore- Right/Left
Jay Bohannon- Right
Jayden Borstmayer- Right
JD Martin- Right
Jeff Luke- Right/Left
Jeff McCrae- Right/Left
Jeff Peltz- Right/Left
Jeff Tessman- Right
Jeramiah Bellas- Left
Jeremy Baker- Right
Jeremy Sins- Right/Left
Jerome Pasket- Right
Jerry Pomeroy - Right/Left
Jess Campbell- Right
Jesse Young- Right/Left
Jessie byrd- Right
Jim Larsen- Right
Jody Smith- Right/Left
Joe Fox- Right
Joe Blythe- Left
Joe Peralta- Right
Joe Cranford- Right/Left
John Shipes- Right/Left
Julio Pinede- Right/Left
Joe mabe- Right/Left
Joe Minix- Right/Left
Joe Shackleford- Right
Joel Dewolf- Right
Joel Rodriguez- Right/Left
Joey Gant- Right
John Bailey- Left
John Greenawalt- Right/Left
John michalik- Right/Left
John Navarro- Right
John Paul Michalik- Left
John Skala- Left
John Thorne- Right/Left
johnathon Cates- Left
Jon Fecht- Right
Jon Gist- Left
Jon Laba- Right
Jonathan Ader- Left
Jonathan Coston- Right/Left
Jonathan Fecht- Left
Jonathan Labab- Right
Joseph Conley            -Left
Joseph Groshek - Right/Left
Joseph Rogers- Right/Left
Joseph Schafler- Right
josh Bath- Right
Josh Cooper - Right/Left
Josh Garcia- Left
Josh hughes- Right/Left
Josh Lingenfelter- Right/Left
Josh sumner- Right/Left
Josh Wall- Left
Josh Webb- Left
Josue Serna- Right/Left
Juan Bocanegra- Right
Julian Smith- Left
Justin James- Right/Left
Justin Leardi- Right
Kaue Teixeira- Right/Left
Keegan Coplin- Right
Ken Flower- Right/Left
Kevin Haese-Right
Kelly vandonge- Right
Kenny Lafferty- Right/Left
Ken Andres- Right
Kendal Kowitz- Right/Left
Kenny Morgan- Left
Kevin Clark- Right
Kevin clemente- Right
Kevin polacek            - Right/Left
Kirby Fernandez- Right/Left
Kolt Matthews- Right
Koltyn Hold- Right
Kris Baker- Left
Kristofer Florendo- Right/Left
Kyle Johnson- Right
Kyle Swartz- Right/Left
Kylie Joyce- Right
Lee Starcenvich- Right
Leo Landeros- Right
Leonard Johnson- Left
Levi Melendy- Left
Logan Austin- Right
Lucas Raymond- Left
Luis Aniles- Right/Left
Luiz Furlan- Right/Left
Lucas Weaver- Right
Matt Tipton- Right
Mike Wells- Right
Matt Langston-Left
Marc Saar- Right
Marcus Dow- Left
Marcus Polacek- Left
Marcus schell- Left
Mark Benson- Right
Mark Golla- Right
Mark moses- Right
Mark Walker- Right/Left
Matt roe- Right/Left
Matt Wilson- Right
Mena Botros- Right
Micahel sanchez- Right/Left
Michael Dedeaux- Left
Michael Elliot- Right
Michael Haehnlein- Left
Michael Kirwin- Left
Miguel Ortega            - Right/Left
Mike Limoges- Right/Left
Mike mcpherson- Right/Left
Mike meyer- Right
Mike Miller- Right
Mike sayre- Right
Mike Ware- Right/Left
Mitch coppieters- Right/Left
Mohmmad Hanafy- Left
Nathan Brien- Right/Left
Neal Dilbone- Right
Nick Ingram- Right
Nick Montgomery- Right
Nick Pitarra- Right
Nick Roberts- Right/Left
Nikolay Lyutskanov- Right/Left
Nolan Speer- Right/Left
Noland Gunner- Right/Left
Orlando Martinez- Right/Left
Patrick Ellis- Right/Left
Patrick Fehey- Right/Left
Patt Parent- Right
Paul Haltom- Right/Left
Paul Hickey- Right/Left
Paul pirjol- Right
Paul Stevens- Right/Left
Paul Visser- Right
Phil Catrucco- Right
Rance Clayton- Right/Left
Ranell Duncan- Right
Richard Rhine- Right/Left
Rick Edmunds- Right
Rick Van Hemmen- Right/Left
Rickey Detty- Right
Rob Curran- Right
Rob Merget- Right
Robbie Karstendiek- Left
Robin Chandler- Right/Left
Roman Perez- Right
Roman pivovarov- Right
Roman Salinas - Right/Left
Ron Della Donna- Right
Ronnie Redding- Left
Ronnie Redding- Right
Ronny sharpe- Right
Ross Howard- left
Ruben macias- Left
Rudy Velazquez- Right/Left
Russ Schrader- Right
Russty Morris- Right/Left
Rusty Jackson- Right/Left
Ryan Ballesteros- Right
Ryan Bath- Right/Left
Ryan Bell- Right/Left
Ryan Brown- Left
Ryan Hoy- Left
Ryan Norman            - Right
Ryan Robinson- Left
Ryan Robinson- Right/Left
Ryan Salmon- Left
Ryan Stoup- Right/Left
Ryan Weaver- Right
Sam Davis - Right/Left
Santana Metcalf- Right
Santana Metcalf- Left
Scot Ryan- Right/Left
Scott Livergood- Right
Scott Parodis- Left
Sean Johnston- Right
Sergio phillippi- Right/Left
Shad Macke- Right/Left
Shawn Calnan- Right/Left
Shawn Webber- Right
Solomon Latimer- Left
Spencer Thompson- Right
Stanislav Noscenco- Right
Stephen Perichak- Left
Sterling Luna- Right/Left
Steve Gaber- Right
Steve Gaskamp- Right
Steveie Fournier- Right
Steven Logsdon- Right/Left
Steven Omsted- Right/Left
Serafin Saenz IV- Right/Left
Sokha Son-Right/Left
Skyler ford- Left
Steve logsdon- Right/Left
Tim cringan- Left
Tyler Schneiter- Left
Todd Whitney-Right
Tadas Jurgaitis- Right/Left
Taden Doyle- Left
Talen Woods- Right/Left
Tanner Scism- Right/Left
Ted Birchmeier- Right/Left
Ted Jurgaitis- Right
Thomas Gillispie- Right
Tim Hunhoff- Right
Tim Miller- Right
Tim O'Brian- Left
Tim Widenhofer- Right
TJ Lewis- Left
Toby Porter- Right/Left
Tom Cermak - Right/Left
Tony Agro- Right
Travis Elijah- Right
Travis Pemberton- Right
Trevor Roberts- Right
Turavan Daniels- Left
Tyler Bednash- Left
Tyler Gibson- Right
Tyler lopez -Right/Left
Tyler Niver- Right/Left
Tyler Vines- Right
Vaughn Christman- Right
Victor Mercado - Right
Victor Torres - Right/Left
Vince Pawloski- Right/Left
Vince schell- Right
Walker Damewood- Right/Left
Wayne Arceneaux- Right
Wayne Kelley- Right
Wayne Kiefer- Left
William Bohannon- Right
William Davidson- Right
William smallwood- Right/Left
Yurii Makarov-Right/Left
Zach Hill- Left
Zach Pollo- Left
Zackaria Grill- Right
Aaron Robinson- Right
Aaron Yearsley- Right/Left
Adam Irrgang- Right/Left
Adam Wilmot- Right/Left
Adis Turcinhodzic- Right/Left
Adriano Melikardi- Right/Left
AJ Henson - Right/Left
Al Buck- Right
Alain Goyer- Right
Alan Guerra- Right/Left
Alec Ross- Left
Alen Turcinhodzic- Left
Alexandre Paquette- Right
Allen Fisher- Right
Amos Glen - Right/Left
Amy Pederson- Right
Andranik Mnatsakanyan- Left
André St-Germain- Right/Left
Andrew Hiller- Left
Andrew Lavor- Right
Andrew Schang- Right/Left
Anthony Dall'Antonia- Right/Left
Anthony Lowe- Right/Left
Anthony Porcaro- Right
Anthony Register - Right
Anthony Snook- Right/Left
Anthony Ursino- Right/Left
Antonio Guadardo - Right/Left
Art Spinder- Left
Art Spindler- Right
Artem tarenenko- Left
Aubrey Reese- Right/Left
Austin Snyder- Right/Left
Austin Taylor- Right/Left
Avery Camden- Right/Left
Barbara Schlegel- Right/Left
Ben Barnes- Right
Ben Bledsoe- Right/Left
Ben Colbern- Right/Left
Ben Smith- Right/Left
Ben Soles- Right/Left
Ben White- Left
Bill Ballinger- Right/Left
Bill Logsdon- Right
Bill Logsdon - Left
Bill Runkle- Right
Bill Sinks- Right/Left
Billy Fokakis- Right
Billy Weis- Right/Left
BJ Fokakis- Right/Left
BJ Meche- Right
Blaine middleton- Right
Blake Tucker- Right
Bo Oleson- Right/Left
Bob Sawick- Right/Left
Braden Byford- Right
Bradley Blackwell- Left
Bradley Esmond- Right/Left
Bradley Hayes- Right/Left
Bradley Hays- Right/Left
Bradley Rohrer- Right/Left
Brandon Ellsessor- Left
Brandon Hall- Right/Left
Brandon Honecker- Right
Brandon Moody- Right/Left
Brandon Morris- Right
Brandon Olafson- Right/Left
Brandon rountree- Right
Brandon Saucier- Right
Brandon Sellers- Right/Left
Brandon Shanahan -Left
Brandon Simpson- Right
Brandon Williams- Left
Brenon Moors- Right/Left
Brett Fraley- Right
Brett Johnson- Left
Brett Wickizer- Right
Brian Modaresi- Right/Left
Brian Mutillo- Right/Left
Brian Robling- Right/Left
Brian Sitton- Right
Brian Stevenson- Left
Brigitte Johnson- Right
Bryan Johnson- Right/Left
Bryan Koerner- Right
Bryan Waggoner- Right/Left
Bryce Glick- Right/Left
Bryce leiker- Left
Bryce Talton- Left
Bryce Whittle- Right
Bucky Russell- Right/Left
Buddy Damiano- Right/Left
Cameron calmer- Right
Carl Germain- Right
Carl Seguin- Right
Carlos Eduardo Rodrigues- Right/Left
Carlos Hernandez- Right/Left
Carlos Jiron- Right/Left
Carlos jiron- Left
Casey Coley- Right/Left
Casey Knutson- Right/Left
Chad Eckert- Right/Left
Chad Oneal- Left
Chad Silvers- Right/Left
Chad Wanner- Right/Left
Chad Weston- Left
Charles Fish- Right
Chase Michalski- Right
Chase Stratton- Right/left
Chris Boyd- Right/Left
Chris Ceci- Right/Left
Chris Chandler- Right/Left
Chris Commander- Right
Chris Connor- Left
Chris Evans- Right
Chris Fiorenzo- Right
Chris Gellings- Right/Left
Chris Hintgen- Right/Left
Chris Kaufman- Right/Left
Chris LaFlair- Right/Left
Chris Miskel- Right
Chris Myers- Right
Chris Nitoli-Right
Chris Puckett- Right
Chris Roy- Right/Left
Chris Russell- Right/Left
Chris Sciarappa- Right
Chris Thiel- Right/Left
Chris Walker- Right/Left
Chris Wilke- Right/Left
Christian Gilbert - Right/Left
Christian Lyons- Right
Christian Moore- Right/Left
Clayton Mutz- Right/Left
Clayton Turcotte- Right/Left
Clayton Wilson- Right/Left
Clint Alwran- Right
Clyde morales- Left
Cobra Rhodes- Right
Cody Dollar- Right/Left
Cody Eller- Left
Cody Franklin - Right/Left
Cody Hadley- Right/Left
Cody hunick- Right
Cody Liezert- Right/Left
Cody Mana- Right
Cody Tatom- Left
Cody Tillerson- Left
Cody Warner- Right/Left
Cole Tommerup- Right
Coleman Mckenzie- Right/Left
Collin Vandersteen- Right/Left
Corey Dupuis- Right/Left
Corey Lyon- Right/Left
Corey Miller- Right/Left
Corry Clabeavt- Right
Cory Ellis- Right
Craig Calley- Left
Craig Calley- Right
Craig Emch - Left
Craig Tullier- Right
Craig wirth- Right/Left
Curtis Robinson- Right/Left
Dallas Langston- Right/Left
Dallas Langston - Right
Dalton Alexander- Right/Left
Dalton Allen- Right/Left
Dalton Cross- Right/Left
Dan Blanchard- Left
Dan Hall- Right/Left
Dan Jasso- Left
Dan Lawrence- Right
Dan Mosier- Right/Left
Dan Stiver- Right/Left
Dan Whittle- Right/Left
Dan Worley- Right/Left
Dane Nix- Right/Left
Danny Fusco- Left
Danny Gillean- Right
Danny Hillard- Right/Left
Darin Pfister- Left
Dariusz Zentak- Right
Darrell Deiter- Right
Darren Sanders- Right/Left
Darryl baideme- Right/Left
Daryl Nix- Right
Dave Chaffee- Right
Dave Chaffee- Left
Dave Chaffee- Right
Dave Davis- Right
Dave Depew- Right
Dave Mcelroy - Right/Left
Dave Shay- Right
David Gulledge- Left
David Lopez- Right/Left
David Martinez- Right/Left
David Teal- Left
David Weakland- Left
Dean banaian- Right
Debra Strokes- Right
Denis Casim- Right
Derek Michalski- Right
Derek Sheppard- Right
Derik Guille- Right
Derrick Simmons- Left
Devin Mackin- Right
Devon larratt- Right/Left
Dickie Spiroff- Right/Left
Don Szewczyk- Left
Donavon Wells- Right/Left
Doug Erlich- Right/Left
Doug Rigby- Right/Left
Duevorn harris- Right/Left
Dustin Allen- Left
Dustin Allen- Right
Dustin Chapman- Right/Left
Dustin Cook- Left
Dustin Jelliff- Left
Dustin Leitch- Right/Left
Dustin Morgan- Right/Left
Dusty Coleman- Right/Left
Ed Cassella- Right
Ed Womak- Left
EJ Worden- Right/Left
Emery Penner- Left
Emile Cashman-Kadri- Right/Left
Eric Guiven- Left
Eric Gunsch- Right
Eric Hafner- Right
Eric Holliday- Right/Left
Eric Komar- Left
Eric Miller- Right/Left
Eric Myler - Right/Left
Eric Opitz- Left
Eric parker- Right
Eric Perez- Right
Eric Roussin- Right/Left
Eric Woelfel- Right/Left
Eric Wolfe- Right
Ernest Stranz- Right/Left
Eugene Sheldrick- Right/Left
Evan Berkemeir- Right/Left
Filip Hritz- Right
Forrest Moore- Right/Left
Forrest Moore- Right
Frank Dias- Right/Left
Frank Hirst- Right/Left
Fraser Benoit- Right/Left
Fred Dedrick- Left
Fritz Cory- Right/Left
Gabe Accardi- Right
Gabe Mejia- Right/Left
Gabe White- Right
Garrett Lahyer- Right/Left
Gene spiker- Right
George Sheldrick- Right
George Weaver- Left
George Wulf - Right/Left
Geroge Shantie- Right/Left
Giordano Cruz- Left
Giuliano Nunez- Right
Gord Squire- Left
Grant Bundy- Right
Grant Bundy- Left
Gray Wolfe- Right/Left
Greg Allen- Right
Greg Hilton- Right/Left
Greg Macias- Right/Left
Greg Mayfield- Right
Hank Meadows- Left
Hansan Monfils- Left
Harley Roberts- Left
Harold Williams- Right/Left
Hasan Monfils- Right
Heath McDonald- Right
Henry Bliley- Right/Left
Herman McCoy- Right
Hugo Ramírez -Right/Left
Ian Lalonde- Left
Ian Smalley- Right
Ian tronnier-  Right/Left
Ian Waggoner- Right/Left
Iliya Saidov- Right/Left
Isaac Arzaga- Right
Issac Luna- Right
Ivo stuller- Right
J.R. Starks -Right/Left
Jacob Newman- Left
Jacob torres- Right/Left
Jake Honecker- Right/Left
Jake Lottman- Right/Left
Jake Magera- Right/Left
Jake Randall- Right/Left
James Beeson- Right/Left
James Chancey- Right/Left
James Honecker- Right/Left
James Knapp- Right
James Krehbiel- Right/Left
James Smith- Left
James Webb-monko- Right/Left
Jamie Fraley- Left
Jamie Sheldon- Right
Jamieson Lalande- Left
Jared Cook- Right/Left
Jared Freeman- Right/Left
Jarod Cash- Right/Left
Jarrodd Levulett- Right/Left
Jason Bushnell- Right/Left
Jason Frickley- Right/Left
Jason Gulley- Right/Left
Jason Martin- Right/Left
Jason Matthews- Left
Jason Merlo- Right
Jason Merlo- Left
Jason Remer- Right
Jason Remer- Left
Jason Rivas- Left
Jason Rowan- Right/Left
Jason Roy- Right/Left
Jason Tarver- Right
Jason Vale- Right
Jay Smith- Right/Left
Jayden Borstmayer- Right
JC Pienta- Left
Jean Lessard- Right/Left
Jean-Philippe Pare- Right/Left
Jeff Dabe- Left
Jeff Peltz- Right/Left
Jeff Slater- Right/Left
Jeff Soranaka- Left
Jeff Tindol- Right/Left
Jeff Weir- Right/Left
Jeff Zemaitis- Right/Left
Jeff Zemaitis- Right
Jeremy Benoit- Right/Left
Jeremy Bickel- Right/Left
Jeremy Boyd- Right/Left
Jeremy fraley- Left
Jeremy Meservey- Left
Jerome loud- Right/Left
Jerry Cadorette- Right
Jesse Campbell- Right
Jesse Stull- Right
Jim Coyle- Right/Left
Jim Fitzsimmons- Left
Jim Fitzsimmons- Right
Jim Fitzsimons- Right
Jim Roof- Right/Left
Jim Walkiewicz- Right/Left
Jimmy White- Right/Left
JJ Talton- Right/Left
Jocelyn Berard- Right/Left
Jodie Pastor- Right/Left
Jody Willaims- Right
Joe Galgoci- Right/Left
Joe Gawle- Right
Joe Getz- Right/Left
Joe Narantic- Right
Joe Ross- Right
Joe Stanley- Right/Left
Joe Yarosz- Right/Left
Joel Goodsell- Right/Left
Joel Hudik- Right/Left
Joh Woodel- Right/Left
John Buxton- Right/Left
John Byerley- Right
John Cervantes- Right/Left
John Ciseski- Left
John Grosulak- Right/Left
John Henson- Right/Left
John Heynoski- Right
John Huskey- Right/Left
John Lovick- Right
John Ng- Right/Left
John Portillo- Right/Left
John Whitman- Left
John zvezdich- Left
Johnny Martinez- Left
Jon Brown- Right/Left
Jon hager- Right/Left
Jonathan Coston- Right/Left
Jonathan Henson- Right/Left
Jonathan Hoffman- Right
Jonathan Long - Right/Left
Jonathon Johnson- Right/Left
Jordan Sill- Right/Left
Jordan Sill- Right/Left
Jose Ramos- Right/Left
Jose Zelaya- Left
Josee Morneau- Right
Joseph Canazzi- Right/Left
Joseph mcgrath- Right/Left
Josh Dale- Right
Josh Eleton- Right/Left
Josh Grant- Right
Josh Handeland- Left
Josh Kallam- Left
Josh Kallam- Left
Josh Lingenfelter- Right/Left
Josh McEllrath- Left
Josh McEllrath- Left
Josh Mcinturff- Right/Left
Josh Reichert- Left
Josh sumner- Right
Josh Webb- Right
Josh Webb- Left
Josh Wickre- Right
Joshua Tabor- Right/Left
Josue Serna- Right/Left
Jovan Armijo- Right
Juan Carlos Gaya Arzani- Right/Left
Junior Andrews- Right/Left
Justin Bishop- Right/Left
Justin Campbell- Right 
Justin Green- Right
Justin Hancock- Left
Justin mohr- Left
Justin Schaffner- Right/Left
Karl gehrke- Right/Left
Karl Stanley- Right/Left
Kayne Hemsing- Right/Left
Keegan Coplin-Right
Keith Armbrester- Left
Kelly Leitch- Right/Left
Ken Blackman- Right/Left
Ken Shatkowski- Right/Left
Kendal Whisenhunt- Right
Kenn Hoban- Right/Left
Kenneth McDowell- Right
Kenny Lafferty- Right/Left
Kent Damore- Left
Keny Smith- Left
Kevin Arbuckle- Right/Left
Kevin Buetts- Right/Left
Kevin Buetts- Right/Left
Kevin Harris- Right/Left
Kevin Kimpel- Right/Left
Kevin Kimple- Left
Kevin Nelson- Right/Left
Kevin polacek- Left
Kevin Robertson - Right
Kevin Sams- Right
Kody Merritt- Right/Left
Kole Dogen - Left
Lance Stubbs- Right
Lance Treen- Right/Left
Landon Fillion- Right/Left
lane liggett- Right/Left
Larry Flanagan- Right/Left
Larry Kelley- Right/Left
Lee Browning- Right/Left
Lee Jobellius- Right/Left
leiraun Baldwin- Right/Left
Leland Driggs- Right/Left
Len Houghton- Right
Leonard  Lockert- Left
Livingston Denegre-Vaught- Right/Left
Logan Hanlon- Right
Logan Lindsey- Right/Left
Logan Spiroff- Right
Louie Kamps- Right
Louis Caleca- Right/Left
Lucas Weaver - Right
Luis Felipe CID- Right/Left
Luis Nazar- Right/Left
Luiz Gonzaga- Right/Left
Luke kindt- Left
Luke Kindt - Right 
Luke Leoffler- Right/Left
Luke Pulcher- Right
Luke Veteto- Right/Left
Lynn Bower- Right
Maks Taubin- Right/Left
Marc Guay - Right/Left
Marc Orapallo- Right/Left
Marc Saar- Right/Left
Marcin Czembrowsk- Left
Marcio Barboza- Right
Marcus Dow- Right
Mark Cichy- Right/Left
Mark Cichy - Right
Mark Davies- Right/Left
Mark Harrison- Right/Left
Mark Nutsch- Right/Left
Mark Reddout- Right
Mark Wilson- Right/Left
Marlon Hicks- Right/Left
Martin Langlois- Right
Mason McCandless- Right
Mathieu Charbonneau- Right
Matt Bourdon- Right
Matt Craig- Left
Matt Ellis- Left
Matt Girnder- Right
Matt Gundrum- Right/Left
Matt Harris- Right/Left
Matt Jenkins- Right/Left
Matt Kim- Left
Matt Luce- Right/Left
Matt Mask- Right/Left
Matt Meyer- Left
Matt Phillips- Right
Matt Sartori- Right/Left
Matt Smith- Right/Left
Matt swann- Right/Left
Michael Bianchi- Right
Michael Grimaldi- Right/Left
Michael Hann- Right/Left
Michael Hendricks- Right
Michael Lindner- Right
Michael Moore- Left
Michael Vaz- Right/Left
Michael Ware II- Right/Left
Mike Ayello- Right/Left
Mike Dawson- Right/Left
Mike Homewood- Right/Left
Mike Kingston -Right/Left
Mike Levin- Right
Mike McGraw- Right/Left
Mike Meador- Right/Left
Mike Sayre- Right
Mike selearis- Right/Left
Mike Shalhoub- Right
Mike Snelling- Left
Mike Wells- Right/Left
Monte Warner- Left
Morgan Bremke- Right/Left
Nano Cruz- Left
Nate Adams- Left
Nate Adams- Right/Left
Natee Termparti- Left
Nathan Coyle- Right
Nathan Kahn- Right/Left
Nazar Simko -Right/Left
Neil Looker- Right/Left
Nic Smith- Right/Left
Nic Smith- Right/Left
Nic Webster- Right/Left
Nicholas Michel- Right/Left
Nick Harmatys- Right/Left
Nick Margus- Right/Left
Nick Penner- Right/Left
Nick Postel- Right/Left
Nick Traxler- Right
Nick Visser- Right/Left
Nick Zinna- Right
Nicola Gazzetto- Right/Left
Noel nunez- Right/Left
Noland Gunner- Left
Norm Devio- Right
Ovi Dragamir- Right/Left
Patirck Downs- Right
Patrick Baffa- Left
Paul Fischer- Left
Paul Fudala- Right
Paul Hickey- Right/Left
Paul konen - Right/Left
Paul Passmore- Right/Left
Paul Schneider- Right/Left
Paul Stevens- Left
Paul Talbott- Right/Left
Paul Vertalka- Right/Left
Paul Visser- Left
Pavlo Derbedyenyen- Left
Pete Mills- Right
Pete Royal- Right
Peter Durning- Right/Left
Peter Mills- Right
philippe tremblay- Right
Phillip Surgen- Left
Quinlan Mendez- Right/Left
Rachel Laduke- Right/Left
Randy Bayers- Right/Left
Randy Whaley- Right/Left
Ranell Duncan- Right
Raul Martinez- Left
Ray Hennerichs- Right/Left
Remington Pope- Right
Rex Forbes- Right/Left
Reza Dilmaghanian- Left
Rich Longo- Right
Richard Stuart- Right
Rick Soliwoda- Left
Rob Ketchum- Right/Left
Rob Meister- Right
Rob Vigeant- Right/Left
Robbie Karstendiek- Right
Robbie Topie- Left
Robby Burnett -Right
Robert Baier- Right/Left
Robert Baxter- Right
Robert Cornejo- Right/Left
Robert Easter- Right/Left
Robert Fowler- Right/Left
Robert Fowler  Jr. - Right/Left
Robert Fuch- Right/Left
Robert Gerhardt- Right/Left
Robert Mission- Right/Left
Robert Mosqueda- Right/Left
Robert Wilson- Right
Robertas Prozivalskis- Right/Left
Rod Mobley- Right
Rodger Shipton- Right/Left
Roger Chap- Right/Left
Roger Cunningham- Right/Left
Ron Bath- Right
Ron Klemba- Right/Left
Ron Singley- Right/Left
Ron Szabo- Right/Left
Ronnie Morales- Right/Left
Ronnie Ruzic- Right
Rueben Santiesteban- Right
Russty Morris- Right/Left
Rusty Jackson- Right/Left
Ryan Baldwin- Left
Ryan Ballesteros- Right
Ryan Barnett- Right/Left
Ryan Bath- Right/Left
Ryan Bell- Left
Ryan Churchill- Right/Left
Ryan Clark- Right/Left
Ryan Comardelle -Right
Ryan Constantino- Left
Ryan Espey  -Right/Left
Ryan Robinson- Right/Left
Ryan Salmon- Right/Left
Ryan Stoup -Right
Ryne Baier- Right/Left
Sam Harris- Right/Left
Samuel Cashman-Kadri- Right
Saxxon Ryan- Right/Left
Scott Ballinger- Right/Left
Scott Doshan- Left
Scott Doshan -Right
Scott Hold- Right/Left
Scott Lohmann- Left
Scott Lohmann -Right
Scott Partington -Right/Left
Scott Stover- Right
Scott Warren- Left
Scott Whire- Right/Left
Scott White- Right
Scott Wynn- Right
Sean Hardman- Right/Left
Sean Kelly- Right/Left
Serafin Saenz IV- Right/Left
Sergi Makrushyn- Right
Sergii Makrushyn- Right
Seth Barnett- Right/Left
Shad Macke- Left
Shane Dickens- Right
Shane Kerry -Right/Left
Shane McLaughlin- Right/Left
Shane Smith- Right/Left
Shane Turner- Right/Left
Shawn Lattimer -Right/Left
Shawn McAdams -Right/Left
Shawn Parsons -Right
Shawn Turner- Right
Shayne Duncklee - Right/Left
Shea Dickie- Right/Left
Simon Peloquin -Left
Sky Williams- Right/Left
Skyler Ford- Left
Smauel Tabbert -Right/Left
Solomon Latimer- Left
Sonny Larson- Right/Left
Spencer Lightningfire -Right/Left
Stacy Montgomery- Right/Left
Stan Karapetyan- Right/Left
Steph Heroux- Right/Left
Stevan Nikolich -Right
Steve Baldwin- Right/Left
Steve Black- Left
Steve Dinco- Right
Steve Dussell- Right
Steve Gaber- Right
Steve Golob- Right/Left
Steve Hale- Right/Left
Steve Morneau- Left
Steve Nichols- Left
Steve Nichols- Right/Left
Steve Rau- Right/Left
Steve Rohn -Right
Steven Green- Right
Steven Kirkland- Right/Left
Steven Surber- Right
Stewart Doyle -Left
Tanner Engweiler- Right/Left
Tanner Seaton- Right
Terry Baideme- Right
Terry Burgin- Right
Thomas Egan- Left
Thomas New- Right
Tim Clark- Left
Tim Clem- Right/Left
Tim Devin- Right
Tim Feliciano- Right
Tim Hill- Right
Tim Lewis- Right/Left
Tim Mcpherson- Right 
Tim Tallmadge- Right/Left
TJ Lewis- Right/Left
Toby Porter -Right/Left
Todd Hutchings- Right/Left
Todd King- Right/Left
Tom Balfe- Right/Left
Tom Morgan- Right
Tom New- Right
Tom Taylor- Left
Tom Viera- Right/Left
Tom Wells- Right
Tommy Jennings- Right
Tommy Morgan- Right/Left
Tony Bishop- Right/Left
Tony Kaiser- Right
Tony Kitowski- Right/Left
Tony Moore- Right/Left
Tony Niemo- Right/Left
Tony Thomlison- Left
Travis Bagent- Left
Travis Earp- Right/Left
Travis Elijah- Right
Trenton Meyes- Right/Left
Troy Pennell- Right/Left
Tucker Keating- Right/Left
Ty Dunn- Left
Tyler Baker- Right/Left
Tyler Betterman- Left
Tyler Gibson- Right
Tyler Griesseier- Right
Tyler Klober- Right/Left
Tyrone Bishop- Right/Left
Tyrrell Wojcichowsky- Right/Left
Uhryoung Lee- Right/Left
uros bogdanov- Right/Left
Vince Mcknight- Right/Left
Vincent Squires- Right/Left
Vitaliy Palnikov- Left
Vitalli Degtiarenko- Left
Vitor Pos- Right
Walter Hartman - Right/Left
Wayne Arceneaux -Right
Will Willard- Right
William Smallwood- Right/Left
William Walsh- Left
Zack Lee- Right/Left
Alicia Davidson- Right/Left
Alma Keuhl - Right/Left
Amanda Munsell - Right
Andrea Lalonde- Right/Left
Angie Rose- Right
Annie Fuller- Right
Ashley Maher- Right
Ashley May- Right/Left
Billie Jean Mcloughlin- Right/Left
Billie Walter- Right/Left
Brenda Taylor- Right/Left
Brittany Byford- Right/Left
Cassie Sorg- Right/Left
Chelsie Kimmel - Right
Christina Castro- Right/Left
Christina Morgan- Right
Christine Flicka- Right
Christy Resendes- Right/Left
Chrystle Heil- Right/Left
Cindy Martin- Right/Left
Crystal Wells- Right
Daceyll Gallagher  - Right/Left
Dalia Medziaustte- Right/Left
Danielle Rihn- Right
Deb Selearis- Left
Deena Haynes- Right/Left
Evan Jelinek- Right
Haley Connor-Margus- Right
Heather Brady- Right/Left
Heather Young- Right/Left
Heidi Cordner- Right/Left
Helaina Sleppin- Right/Left
Jamie Colvin- Right/Left
Janee Thomas- Right
Jenni Bradley- Right/Left
Jenni Thomas- Left
Jessalynn Carosella- Right/Left
Jessica Flynn- Right/Left
Jodi Larratt - Right/Left
Jodie Pastor- Right/Left
Joette Peterson- Right/Left
Jolene Richards- Right/Left
Joyce king- Right/Left
Julie Nutsch- Right/Left
Kali Casanova- Right/Left
Kasha Heinrich- Right/Left
Kate Gentry- Right/Left
Kris Mikels- Left
Kristen Kent- Left
Leslie Lockwood- Right
Lisa Wolfley- Right/Left
Maria Peterson- Right/Left
Mary McConnaughey- Right/Left
Maxine Yerkes- Right/Left
Megan Bevans- Right/Left
Melissa Louvelle- Right/Left
Michelle Chapman- Right/Left
Michelle Dougan- Right/Left
Michelle Osborn- Left
Michelle Price- Right/Left
Michelle Smart- Right
Mirela Pirjol- Left
Nadiya Wilczynski- Right/Left
Nancy Hart- Right/Left
Natalie Hagan- Right/Left
Natasha Batt - Right/Left
Nicole Cisco- Right/Left
Nicole Roof- Left
Patti Woods- Left
Paula Tabert- Right/Left
Phylissa Gregory- Right/Left
Savannah Hughes- Right
Shelly Irons- Right/Left
Simona Pirjol- Right 
Sissy Hobbs- Right
Sohpia Crespo- Right
Sophie Oppenheimer- Right/Left
Stacey Foster- Right/Left
Sue Fischer -Right
Tamara Mitts- Right/Left
Tatiane Faria- Right/Left
Taylor Johnson- Right/Left
Terri Asplund- Right/Left
Tiffany Briggs- Left
Tiffany Gartner- Right/Left
Tracy Tynsky- Right/Left
Tyann hintgen- Right/Left
Tyann Hintgen- Right
Tyler Hernandez- Right
Valerie Beach-Right/Left
Vanessa Guille- Left
Whitney Buckland- Right/Left

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