WAL 2016 Middleweight Championships

July 26th 2016

No weight class is more diverse than the World Armwrestling League’s middleweights. They encompass men of all sizes, skills and techniques.

And the best of the best face off tonight, July 26, at 9pm EST on ESPN2 as the Summer of Pulling continues.

Here are three things to watch for in the 195-pound class tonight:

1. Hammer on Each Arm.
“Todzilla” Todd Hutchings makes it all look so easy. But the reigning right middleweight champ took a step down of sorts in 2015, winning on only one arm after raising both WAL Middleweight Hammers of Champions in the 2014 campaign. The elder statesman of the class is aiming to take both hammers tonight. But with longtime rivals waiting in the wings, will he survive the left and right arm brackets?

 2. Return of “The Fury.”
Craig “The Fury” Tullier is widely regarded as one of the most knowledgeable pullers in the middleweight world. He missed 2015 due to severe injury, and has slowly worked his way back during WAL’s 2016 campaign, coasting through qualifiers and finishing high in the Southern  Regionals. Is the WAL World about to relearn the quiet armwrestling wrath that is “The Fury”?

3. Double Swedish Trouble.
The WAL’s 2016 season features an expanded pool of international athletes, and none pose as serious a threat to the status quo as Swedish middleweights “The Project” Glen Bengtsson and Niklas “The Steel Giraffe” Nannestad. Besides having arguably the best nickname in the game, Nannestad brings a 6-foot 6-inch frame to the table, with long arms and all the leverage advantages that provides. Still, the longtime luminaries of the class have been waiting on the overseas competition. Which hemisphere will prevail?

Go here to see the full WAL 2016 TV schedule, and check back here to see how you can become a part of the World Amwrestling League.

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