WAL 2016 Middleweight Championship Recap

August 23rd 2016

The World Armwrestling League’s 2016 Middleweight Championship on ESPN2 showcased old and new blood climbing to the top off the mountain.

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Niklas “The Steel Giraffe” Nannestad traveled to Las Vegas from his native Sweden to take on all comers. The Swede’s height and arm leverage proved to be no match on the left hand as he battled perennial contender “The Chemist” Mike Selearis in the 195-pound finals.

Over on the right, it was business as usual for “Todzilla” Todd Hutchings. The master of the side hit endured some wars early in the brackets, but finished strong against “The Fury” Craig Tullier, who was feisty and rejuvenated throughout the 2016 campaign after missing all of 2015 with a brutal injury.

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