WAL 2016 Heayweight Championship Preview

August 2nd 2016

The heavyweights step into the World Armwrestling League pit tonight at 7pm EST on ESPN2. Pro-armwrestlers are monstrously strong at even the lightest of weights, but the 225 class is where things get especially beefy, brawny and brutal. With that, here are three things to watch for as the Heavys collide tonight:

1. Does “The Legend” still got it?
“The Legend” Ron Bath is a grandfather who is nearly 60 years old. He also dominated the table at the WAL 2016 Southern Regionals in Dallas and is coming to Las Vegas in arguably the best shape of his life. Does he have enough in the tank to get past the other dominating pullers on the heavyweight summit?

 2. Can Larratt go for two?
“No Limits” Devon Larratt has been a perennial heavyweight champion in WAL competition over the past few years. But it’s not enough. The Canadian Special Forces soldier endured a brutal bracket at North Regionals. Will the champ be able to cross the mental and physical walls to lift two WAL Hammers of Champions victoriously at the end of tonight’s battles?

 3. Will the “Iron Horse” ride?
Matt “Iron Horse” Mask has watched the top of the heavyweight class for years now. He came into 2016 swearing to leave his mark and best the likes of Devon Larratt and Marcio Barboza. He pulled hard at North Regionals but ultimately fell short to Larratt.

Can Mask find the internal fortitude to pull past the best in class? Find out tonight!

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