WAL 2016

January 11th 2016

As 2016 continues to take pro armwrestling to unprecedented new heights, the World Armwrestling League is proud to announce dates and locations for our massive SuperQualifier and Regional championship events!

The SuperQualifier is a new event for WAL’s 2016 campaign. It is similar in format to the scores of qualifiers taking place across the country and is a way for new and experienced pullers to begin their road to the championships on ESPN this summer.

But they’re on HUGE scale, are produced by the league and will contain a variety of awesome surprises along the way. The first Northern SuperQualifier will take place March 26 in Syracuse, NY. Click HERE for details.

The Southern SuperQualifier goes down April 2 in California. Click HERE for details.

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Those who qualify for Regionals (more on how to qualify below) will continue on to two massive national battles.

The Southern Regionals will be held on May 14 in Dallas. Click HERE for details.
The Northern Regionals will be held on May 21 in Chicagoland. Click HERE for details.

Those who pull their way through all that competition will head to the championships this June in Las Vegas!

In addition to the SuperQualifier, the 2016 season will feature a full episode devoted to women of the WAL during our air dates on ESPN networks!

2016 Season
In the U.S., WAL will again have 3 levels of competition: Qualifiers, Regionals and Championships. The structure will look like this:

Level 1:
Local Qualifiers
2 SuperQualifiers
Level 2:
2 Regionals
Level 3:
Championships in Las Vegas

How You Make It To The Finals:
This is the path you will take to ascend the WAL mountain and raise your own WAL Hammer of Champions, not to mention a big stack of cash money:

Qualifiers – in order to qualify for Regionals, complete the following:
Men: Place Top 4 in a Pro weight class, or compete in 2 events, or place Top 8 at a SuperQualifier
Women: Participate in a qualifier or SuperQualifier
Regionals-  In order to qualify for Finals, a competitor must:
Men: Place Top 12 in any PRO weight class to move on to FINALS
Women: Place Top 12 move on to FINALS
Beginner/Amateur Competition: Beginners/Amateurs qualify DIRECTLY to the WAL Amateur Finals in Las Vegas. To be clear – amateurs do not need to progress through Regionals, though they can qualify there.

To Progress to WAL Amateur Finals, a competitor must:
Win two matches at a Qualifier event or participate in 3 Qualifiers, or win 3 ‘King of the Table’ matches at a Monster SuperCross event

Note: Tournament Directors and a maximum of 2 Referees can be automatically qualified into Regionals

WAL has international competition this year, and some European competitors will progress to Finals in Las Vegas, on this schedule:
Country Qualifiers
Men: Top 6 move on to the European  SuperQualifier
Women: Top 6 move on to the European SuperQualifier
European SuperQualifier
Men: Top 3 go to 2016 Finals in Vegas
Women: Top 3 go to 2016 Finals in Vegas

Weight Classes:
Weight classes will be the same as in 2015:
Men: 0-165,  166-195,    196-225,    226+
Women: 0-128,  129-148,    148+
Weigh-ins will be 1 day prior to the event

We will have 2 REGIONS in 2016: Northern and Southern
Canada – North
Mexico –  South
Europeans – WAL International

Events Calendar:
Feb. 1 – May 8: Qualifiers
March. 26 – Northern SuperQualifier 1: Syracuse
April 2 – Southern SuperQualifier 2: California
May 14 – South Regionals in Dallas
May 21 – North Regionals in Chicago
Rule Changes:
A slip in a losing position will be deemed a FOUL

Amateur Competition:
Who is an amateur? We are expanding the eligibility for the 2016 Amateur Finals. If you did NOT win a match at WAL’s 2015 Regionals, you can now consider yourself eligible to compete as an amateur.  To be clear- if you won a match at last year’s Regionals you must compete in the Open/Pro class.

UPDATED Prizing Breakdown!!!!!! As of April 14, 2016, we've added $25,000 MORE to the payout!!!!!!

1st place: $2,000
2nd place: $1,000
3rd place: $750
4th place:  $500
5th place: $400
6th place: $350
7th place: $250
8th place: $250
1st place: $750
2nd place: $500
3rd place: $250
4th place:  $200
5th place: $175
6th place: $150
7th place: $100
8th place: $100
1st place: $10,000
2nd place: $2,000
3rd place: $1,000
4th place:  $750
5th place: $600
6th place: $500
7th place: $500
8th place: $500
1st place: $2,500
2nd place: $1,000
3rd place: $750
4th place:  $500
5th place: $300
6th place: $250
7th place: $250
8th place: $250

Finals Schedule/Hotel Information:
This is a provisional schedule. Times could change, but dates & location will remain the same.

Thursday, June 23:
Amateur Weigh-Ins:

6pm-9pm at the Orleans Hotel & Casino

Friday, June 24:

Pro & Amateur: 10am-noon
Pro & Amateur: 1pm- 4pm
Location: TBD
Amateur Prelims: 6pm
Amateur Finals: 9pm
Location: Mardi Gras Ballroom

Saturday, June 25:

8am-10am: Women's Prelims (all weight classes)
10am: Middleweight Prelims- right
11:30am: Middleweight Prelims- left
11:30am: Heavyweight Prelims- right
12:15pm: Heavyweight Prelims- left
2pm: Women's Semifinals & Finals
5pm: Middleweight Semifinals- right
6pm: Heavyweight Semifinals- right
7pm: Middleweight Semifinals- left
8pm: Heavyweight Semifinals- left

Sunday, June 26:

10am: Lightweight Prelims- right
10:45am: Super Heavyweight Prelims- right
11:30am: Lightweight Prelims- left
12:15pm: Super Heavyweight Prelims- right
2pm: Lightweight Semifinals- right
3pm: Super Heavyweight Semifinals- right
4pm: Lightweight Semifinals- left
5pm: Super Heavyweight Semifinals- left

Hotel Rate: Orleans Hotel & Casino
BOOK NOW! First come, first serve!
Thurs 6/23: $50/night
Fri 6/24: $99/night
Sat 6/25: $99/night
Sun 6/26: $50/night

To get the WAL rate:
Call 800-675-3267 and say you are with World Armwrestling League. You can aslo use the WAL Reservation ID: 6ARFF06
Online: www.orleanscasino.com/groups
Reservation ID: 6ARFF06

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