WAL 2015 Super Heavyweight Recap

August 27th 2015

Perhaps more than any other weight class, the World Armwrestling League’s reigning super heavyweight champions realized that repeating their 2014 victories and securing another $20,000 in cash was going to be an uphill battle. But Dave “Easy Money” Chaffee and Travis “The Beast” Bagent each did just that on the right and left arms, respectively, Wednesday night in the WAL 2015 super heavyweight finals on ESPN2.

They both extended their undefeated strength on their championship arms as well. Before he easily pulled himself to victory over truck mechanic Nick Zinna, Chaffee said this year’s competition was the fiercest he’d seen in a while.

“This year, the competition is twice as hard,” the 38-year-old Erie, PA, prison guard said. “The bracket is ridiculous.”

Still, Chaffee largely demolished the right hand bracket, and once again raised a WAL Hammer of Champions and $20,000.

“Easy money,” he said.

Bagent was always the favorite to repeat on the left arm in his weight class, but a stunning upset by Zinna in the regional finals earlier in the season had tested the perennial trash talker’s legend and perhaps showcased a crack in his armwrestling armor. But when he locked up with 54-year-old Eric Woelfel in the left finals, Bagent again proved why he’s perhaps the most dominant armwrestler in the game today, easily taking his opponent twice in a row in the best-of-three final.

“It seems more apparent than ever that I am a super, super bad dude,” he said after his win. “Everyone should do everything in their power to be as confident and happy as possible. That’s what I’m trying to do.”

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