WAL 2015 Middleweight Recap

August 12th 2015

“Todzilla” Todd Hutchings always knew it would be a challenge to repeat his incredible 2014 World Armwrestling League campaign and win both the left and right arm middleweight championships during this 2015 season.

In the end, Hutchings, 48, an Ohio engineer, hung on to his right arm title, besting 34-year-old Massachusetts contractor Rob “The Vigilante” Vigeant in two out of three pulls. Vigeant came out hard, and things got heated between the two after Hutchings took the first pull. Then, during the second lockup, Hutchings eyes shifted. The searing, kinda-scary intensity of his glare softened, he shook his head and realized he had it.

Hutchings pulled Vigeant again and retained the right arm.

But battling through a WAL championship bracket is exhausting, even for the stoutest of champions. And Hutchings bowed out in the left arm semi finals against Michael “Crazy Eyes” Selearis, a high school chemistry teacher out of Connecticut. Selearis took the first pull decisively. Hutchings, grimacing in pain, came back and evened the series. Then, in an epic third pull, Selearis poured it on. It looked like Hutchings’ arm might snap, but Crazy Eyes persisted and took the win. Selearis’ rejoicing would not last long, as he was beaten in two pulls by the young upstart Storm Chellino, a 24-year-old out of Scranton, PA. Still, Selearis promised he’d be back and would see Chellino again.

“2016 is a mountain I’ll get to the top of,” he said after the match.

While Chellino talked some trash during the final, he had nothing but respect for Selearis after the match. In the battle for 3rd place Left, an exhausted Hutchings couldn’t keep up with Selearis, and was quickly dispatched.

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