WAL 2015 Heavyweight Championships Recap

August 20th 2015

“No Limits” Devon Larratt set out to hold on to his Left Heavyweight title at the 2015 World Armwrestling League 225-pound championship, and the Canadian Special Forces soldier did just that. But by his own reckoning, it wasn’t the way he wanted it to go down. Larratt was slated to face defending Right Heavyweight champ Marcio “Phenom” Barboza in the finals. But during Barboza’s epic semifinal battle with Normunds “Truck Norris” Tomsons, Barboza said he felt something pop three times in his bicep.
The Brazilian who now calls New Jersey home came to The Pit grimacing, with an ice pack wrapped around his massive bicep. But in the end, Barboza conceded to Larratt, granting the 40-year-old Canadian a second consecutive left arm heavyweight title, along with $20,000 in cash and another WAL Hammer of Champions.

“I heard a pop in three different places on my bicep during the last match,” Barboza said. “My bicep is not good right now. I can’t move it.”

Larratt said he hoped to pick up the pull with Barboza when he’s healed. “Armwrestling’s not always about the event,” he said. “It’s about the process of getting there.”

On the right arm, pulling legend John “The Quiet Storm” Brzenk easily pulled his way to victory, unseating the defending Right Heavyweight champ Barboza. While he’s considered the best in the game today, Brzenk said he was wowed by the level of old and new competition in the World Armwrestling League.

“This is the deepest 225-pound class I’ve been in in over 25 years,” Brzenk said. “Amazing tournament.”

Larratt and Ron Bath, a 53-year-old construction company owner from Wisconsin, took 3rd and 4th place, respectively, taking home thousands in prize money themselves. Over on the left arm, Tom “The Real Deal” Nelson, a 35-year-old California UPS worker, took third place, while Tomsons, a Latvian police officer, took fourth.

WAL championship action culminates next week, Aug. 26 at 9 p.m. EST on ESPN2, when the league’s super heavyweights thrown down in the most intense clash of the 2015 season!
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