Regionals Updates

April 28th 2015

Armwrestlers — Regionals Update!

Schedule Adjustment
For the competition schedule for May 30/31 at the Cox Pavilion, we will only pull the matches for Places 1-6 on Sunday, May 31 — not for places 7-8, as originally anticipated. We will do the pull-off for places 7-8 in each arm/class on Saturday. 

Which Regions Compete When?
It's vital that everyone shows up EARLY for their competition times on both Saturday and Sunday. This is a massive, multifaceted sports and TV event that requires an immense amount of coordination, timing and orchestration and we CANNOT hold up the whole operation for arm wrestlers who are late the arena. Plan ahead! Get there early! Don’t come all the way to Vegas and then miss your competition time! An hour early is a good, good idea.

    9 am - noon: Western Region
    1 pm - 4 pm: Southern Region
    4 pm - 7 pm: Northern Region

Sunday - same order, but the timing is likely a little faster, so we need all our Sunday competitors on site on a slightly advanced schedule: 

    9 am - 11: Western Finals
    11 am - 1 pm: Southern Finals
    2 pm - 5 pm: Northern Finals

Note the small change in the above from the original design: On Saturday there will be a 1-hour break from approx. 12 pm - 1 pm.

Please remember, this is a PROVISIONAL SCHEDULE and that WE STILL MAY MAKE CHANGES, but this is the best working layout we have right now. We will update as soon as we can if there are more specifics or changes.

International Athletes
With just under two weeks left before our big Regionals competition in Las Vegas, we have enough registration data to put one last puzzle piece into place: Canadian and International competitors. With current numbers, to even out the regions, as such, we will SPLIT the International contingent into the SOUTH and WEST regions.

For this, we took the Canadian/International competitors (28 in all), then then randomly selected competitors for placement in the South and West Regions. The results are below.

That still leaves the West a little lighter, so any further Canadian/International registrants will be placed in that region. For any questions, please email us at:

Robert Silverthorne
Gord Squire
Alexandre Levesque
Nick Penner
Devon Larratt
Richard Heidebrecht
Jeff Slater
Neil Looker
Rodger Shipton
Fayaz Ponnampurath Abdul Azeez
Jean-Phillippe Pare
Marc Guay
Janis Amollis
Normunds Tomsons

Kevin Carriere
Ryan Espey
Thomas Balfe
Mikel Gould
Ali Hamadiya
Fraser Benoit
Matt Mask
John Kwias
Vlad Bassenko
Derek Penner
Jonathan Thompson
Lorne Wood
Eric Roussin
Stephane Heroux
Competitor Apparel
Saturday: If you’re competing on Saturday, it’s mandatory that you wear:
1. A solid black shirt with no logos, designs or markings OR
2. Our cool WAL shirts designed especially for this event!! (On sale at weigh-ins for 25 bucks.)

Sunday: Anyone advancing to the top 8 and therefore competing on Sunday will get a complimentary fresh WAL Regionals shirt…. unless of course you prefer to compete in your lucky sweat-drenched shirt from Saturday! When you are done competing on Saturday, please pick up your complimentary shirt from Lindsey Cleys.

SPECTATORS are welcome to wear shirts WITHOUT logos, designs or markings please. Feel free to also wear a WAL shirt!

Registration Forms, Waivers and TV Rights
Registration and weigh-ins will be held at the Excalibur Hotel from 3-7pm on Thursday, May 28th and  Friday, May 29th. Upon arrival you will be handed a registration checklist that MUST be completed before being weighed!
There will be a merchandise table where you can purchase our WAL t-shirt designed especially for this event! If you don’t wear a WAL shirt to compete, you must wear a plain black shirt. From there, ALL athletes will have their picture taken. After the checklist has been completed, you can weigh-in.
REMINDER: It is mandatory that you are registered and weighed-in during these times. We will not be extending our hours!

Good news on this front - we are removing the requirement (outlined in all the Qualifier liability and appearance waivers) that ALL pullers at Regionals sign a waiver that includes a 24-month likeness/TV rights and exclusivity clause. Instead, registration will work like this:

All competitors will sign 2 forms - please read the forms carefully at registration for complete details, or contact us for a copy.
  1. A general liability and appearance waiver much like those at the qualifiers with no likeness/exclusivity obligation. This form will grant WAL/ESPN the right to show you on television but will not contain exclusivity.
  2. A similar, slightly stepped-up agreement with a 24-month likeness/TV rights clause (very similar to the one used in New Orleans) which will grant WAL the exclusive rights to use your likeness on television and all media for 24 months after the July 4 & 5 Championships.
Both documents will ask you to initial that you are not part of any other league that owns your television and/or likeness rights and that you are able to grant these rights to WAL.

For logistics purposes, we’ll have everyone sign BOTH FORMS at weigh-ins, but the 24-month form will only be valid for those who make the Top 8 (places 7/8, though they will be determined on Saturday, will be used as the first alternates in all divisions. In those cases, the 24 month agreement will only be valid if those athletes are called to compete).

To be clear: The document granting WAL exclusive television rights for the 24 months is only valid for those who make the Top 6, and their alternates, IF they are needed. 

Final note: the 24-month document will also cover the July 4 Championships, so no more paperwork will be needed at that level.

Thank you all for your patience and enthusiasm - we look forward to hosting a monumental event in Las Vegas in May.
PLEASE email us at if you have any questions about this process or these agreements.


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