Puller Profiles: Tony “Iron Man” Kitwoski

May 11th 2016

This is part of an ongoing series profiling the men and women of the World Armwrestling League. Who should we profile next? Email geoff@walunderground.com with your ideas.

Tony “Iron Man” Kitowski always loved sports growing up in Junction City, Wisconsin. But the 33-year-old, 165-pound World Armwrestling League puller admits he was on the small side when it came to many athletic pursuits.

“Out of high school, I wanted to do something,” the beer salesman by day said. “But I’m too small for football, too small for basketball, and I didn’t have the skill level.”

“Then a buddy told me about some armwrestling tournaments.”

Kitowski went out to his first tourney and took first place on the right hand and second place on the left, falling in love with pulling in the process. “I’ve been with it ever since,” he said.

Kitowski placed 7th in the 165-pound right hand bracket during the WAL’s 2015 Championships in Las Vegas, and is seeking to do even better this year. “I feel pretty confident,” he said. “I’ve put my goal at first place right hand and 3rd or 2nd place left.”

While Kitowski feels he can unseat reigning right-hand champion "The Jedi" Janis Amolins, he’s a bit more cautious about pinning “The Assassin” Paul Talbott on the left hand tournament.

“To beat him would be an honor,” Kitowski said, “but I don’t know if that’s going to happen.”

He said he’s ready for the other titans of the 165-pound class. He’ll be watching out for “Lightning” Luke Kindt’s start speed, Justin “The ‘Bama Bull” Bishop’s  skills in the strap, and the gigantism of “Mr. Intensity” Allen Fisher’s hands.

“I’m an extremely competitive person,” he said. “My arm is far stronger this year, and my strap game is top notch.”

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