Puller Profile: Ron Bath

June 23rd 2016

Did you catch that older guy laying waste to the Right Arm 225 class at the World Armwrestling League’s Southern Regionals last month? That old-school tough,  silent guy who lets his arm do the talking is “The Legend” Ron Bath, a 54-year-old father of 4 and grandpa of 3 who is proof positive that quality pulling is ageless.

He went far in last year’s heavyweight Championship. But this weekend, at the biggest event in armwrestling history, Bath says he’s ready to take the 2016 Right Heavyweight WAL title.

Bath’s 36 years of pulling have sometimes involved more tournaments in a given year than in other years. For the construction company owner, 2015 was more about helping the WAL and the sport grow.

“Last year I wasn’t as aggressive,” Bath admits. “This year it’s, what the hell, let’s win this.” He’ll have to get past perennial foes “No Limits” Devon Larratt, Matt Mask, Chris Chandler and the dread “Phenom” Marcio Barboza, extra plucky this year as he is only pulling on the right.

“He’s a beast,” Bath said. “We’ve had wars for years.” He’ll also be readying himself for Mask’s furious initial attack.

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