Meet the Champs: Todd Hutchings

June 23rd 2016

While the rest of the 195-pound class would likely give their pinky toe to hoist a Hammer of Champions as top of the middleweights after the World Armwrestling League’s 2016 Championship this weekend, it’s all a tad ho-hum for “Todzilla” Todd Hutchings.The 50-year-old mechanical engineer is the reigning two-time right hand champ.

He’s also the only man to raise hammers on both arms in one tourney, back in 2014. So at the biggest event in armwrestling history this weekend in Vegas, he doesn’t just want to repeat on the right. He wants both his hammers back.

Hutchings said he’s keeping his eye on the usual suspects: Rob Vigeant, Storm Chellino, “The Fury” Craig Tullier, and Mike “The Chemist Selearis among others. Not to mention the hordes of Europeans making their way across the pond.

He said he’s also working on stretching his endurance and not getting so worn out while battling the brackets.

“I’m a rage puller,” Hutchings said. “I’ve got to get super hyped up.” He said he’ll try to top roll his way through the initial brackets before bringing out his patented side hit when big stacks of cash and more WAL hammers are on the line.

“I’ll go back to old-school Todzilla pulling in the finals,” he said.

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