Meet the Champs: Storm Chellino

June 16th 2016

Storm Chellino may only be 25, but he’s been to the top of the World Armwrestling League mountain after winning the left hand 195-pound title in 2015.

And at the 2016 Finals in Las Vegas, the biggest event in armwrestling history, the Pennsylvania oil well tester is aiming to stay there. He knows it won’t be easy. Chellino came in third on the left at the WAL 2016 North Regionals behind Mike “The Chemist” Selearis and longtime foe and first-place finisher Todd Hutchings. But while repeating is no jive, he knows the endless, brutal slog of a WAL tournament bracket.

“I think it’s going to be between me, Todd Hutchings and Rob Vigeant,” he said. “But you can’t leave Mike Selearis out of there, and Chad Silvers looks good too.” Getting into a war early with one of the other top 195-pounders could also leave a window open for other pullers, such as the Europeans crossing the Atlantic for their shot at WAL glory. “It’s about trying to figure out the safest way to get through those brackets,” he said. “You’ve got to reserve energy and be smart throughout the competition.”

Once you’re battling for the WAL Hammer of Champions though, the brain’s will overpowers the bicep’s fatigue, Chellino said. “You got to be mentally prepared,” he said. “Your body will forgive you later on.”


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