Meet the Champs: Paul Talbott

June 20th 2016

To say the 165-pound class at the World Armwrestling League’s 2016 Championships is stacked would be an understatement.

But regardless of the high caliber of competitors at the biggest even in armwrestling history, “The Assassin” Paul Talbott feels like the only person who will stop him from three-peating as left hand champ is himself.

“My biggest competition is myself,” the 30-year-old railroad conductor said. “As long as I’m where I need to be mentally and physically, I think I’ll be alright.”

Talbott said winning the title for the third year in a row feels bigger than his first two WAL Hammers of Champions and big cash money winnings.

“This one, for some reason, means the world to me to win,” he said. Talbott faced some challenges at the Northern Regionals last month.

He had some of the most epic battles of the day against Sam Harris  and “Iron Man” Tony Kitowski, who ultimately took 1st place on the left hand bracket.

Coming out of the south, “The ‘Bama Bull” Justin Bishop will also look to take that left title from Talbott after coming in 2nd last year. Talbott placed 4th on the right hand at the regionals and will only pull left at the Championships in Las Vegas.

He said he knows why he didn’t win out at Northern Regionals, and is adjusting himself accordingly. Talbott had nagging injury earlier this year.

“I wasn’t aggressive and I didn’t hit like I usually do,” he said. “I tried to catch and that’s not my style.” Talbott has been armwrestling since 2010.

Regardless, Talbott said he’s coming to Vegas to win his third title and knows it’s on him at this point. “In armwrestling, you don’t have to rely on anyone but yourself,” he said

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