“Meet the Champs: ‘No Limits’ Devon Larratt”

June 15th 2016

Reigning World Armwrestling League heavyweight left hand Champion “No Limits” Devon Larratt has held the 225 class in a steely death grip for the past two years of WAL competition. And looking ahead to Vegas, the Canadian Special Forces soldier said he sees no one who will stop him from taking both hands at this year’s Championships.

John Brzenk, widely hailed as one of the sport’s all-time greats, did not compete this year and won’t defend his right hand title. He handled Larratt last summer, but with Brzenk not stepping to the table, Larratt’s path to dual-arm titles is that much clearer. “I feel right now I’ve got to be the favorite on the right and left,” Larratt said. But there’s still a few big biceps standing in the champ’s way.

Fellow Canuck Matt Mask swore last summer that 2016 would be his year. He mowed through much of the competition at the WAL Northern Regionals last month, but was dispatched by Larratt, placing second on both hands. “Next year!” Larratt screamed at Mask before the final pin. “The Phenom” Marcio Barboza tore his left bicep at last summer’s championship, and limited his competition to the right arm at Northern Regionals.

The New Jersey iron worker placed third on the right. Larratt says he knows his competition and is ready for them. “There were no surprises for me in the North,” he said. “I have a long relationship with Marcio Barboza, and I had my eye on Matt Mask.” Larratt said the 225 class at the Southern Regionals in Dallas was deeper, but that he’s only really concerned about “The Legend” Ron Bath, the epitome of old-school tough.

“Ron’s looking really strong right now,” Larratt observed.

Then, there’s the wildcard European pullers making their way to Vegas, including dominant heavyweight Frenchman “Handsome” Aymeric Pradines, among others. But despite his confidence, Larratt said he’s as human as any of his opponents. He is now trying to rest up after the Northern battles so that he is ready for the Championships.

“It’s really hard,” he said of recovery. “I feel like I got into a car accident and I’ve got to sew my body back together. I’m drinking glue all day long and trying to make things stick, and I know most guys are in the same boat.”

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