Meet the Champs: "Easy Money" Dave Chaffee

June 23rd 2016

As the World Armwrestling League gets ready for the culmination of its 3rd year with the 2016 Championship, the biggest event in armwrestling history, we find ourselves asking the same question we’ve asked in 2014 and 2015:

Can ANYONE beat “Easy Money” Dave Chaffee and his Super Heavyweight right arm? The 39-year-old made it look easy at Northern Regionals last month, and he admits he’s confident going in.

And with chief rival Nick Zinna not coming to Vegas, Chaffee’s path to a three-peat becomes that much clearer. “There’s always a few guys who will give you a challenge,” the Erie, Pa., max-security prison guard said. “Jerry Cadorette is always ready to pull, and Travis Bagent  is looking stronger than ever.”

Chaffee said he doesn’t think about his undefeated right arm WAL streak too much.

“Staying healthy is key,” he said. “Quite a bit of luck as well.”

Chaffee said he hopes to vanquish opponents early in the bracket Sunday and to avoid wars early. Still, he accepts that his unbeaten streak will end. But he doesn’t mind if it doesn’t happen this weekend.

“All good things come to an end,” Chaffee said. “When it does happen, I’m just going to start a new streak.”

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