How to Get Into Armwrestling

August 12th 2015

You saw the World Armwrestling League on TV. Maybe you’re a strong girl or guy. You’re competitive by nature or just thought, “Man, that looks like fun! I have to try at that.”
Well, good news, future armwrestler, it’s easy to get involved in the sport, simple to learn the basics and in no time you can find yourself with your elbow on the table, ready to earn your first WAL pin. There’s no time like the present, so check out these four steps to get started:
There are several basics to armwrestling that will both give you an edge on the table and keep you safe from injury. No one wants to get hurt on day 1 and have to wait until they can hit the table again. Do you know the basics of the grip? The fundamental rules of a match?
Click here to watch our instructional videos on the fundamentals of armwrestling.
Also check out our running foul system so you know the rules on a competition table.

Once you have the fundamentals, it’s time to turn that arm into a bionic crushing machine with steel cables for tendons and the torque of a Ferrari engine. Make it a fearsome weapon.
There are tons of ways to get specifically-strong for armwrestling. Visit our training center to bone up on how to get ready for your debut on the table.
There are tons of members of the armwrestling community reachable through our social media. Many of our top guns post frequently on Facebook and there are clubs and groups around the nation. The best way to get good at armwrestling is to find a local group and go practice, get tips and get better.
Now it’s time to go to your first arm wrestling tournament! The WAL has events for all level of armwrestlers, from amateurs to pros, women and masters and even  youth.

Check out our Events page for a listing of events near you, including our 50 State Championships series starting this fall! Get out there and go for it! Grip up. Fight hard.

**Bonus: To see how the top pros do it, check out WAL on ESPN and check out how the best in the business take home prize money and bragging rights in the world’s most interactive competition space, The Pit.

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