After the Action: WAL Southern Regionals Recap

May 16th 2016

Current champs dominated, new names ascended and established pullers returned in a big way during the World Armwrestling League’s Southern Regional Championship May 14 in Dallas. (Scroll down to the bottom for a full list of those heading to Las Vegas next month.) Hundreds of pullers turned out for the day’s tournament. It was enjoyed not only by those in attendance but by many more via WAL’s Facebook livestreaming of the event.

The WAL will be livestreaming again this Saturday, May 21, during the WAL Northern Regional Championship in Woodstock, Illinois! Check our Facebook page for more details and to get caught up on the Dallas action.

Justin “The ‘Bama Bull” Bishop largely dominated the 165-pound class Saturday, winning on the left arm but falling to second on the right against “Lightning” Luke Kindt. The Bishop-Kindt battle on the right arm was one of the day’s highlights: an extended, brutal affair that pitted Bishop’s strength against the high-speed initial hit that is Kindt’s calling card. “Finally!” Kindt shouted as he raised his 1st place championship.

It was pure, old-school dominance in the 225 class Saturday, as “The Legend” Ron Bath dispatched Chris Chandler on the right and Jordan Sill on the left to win both South Regional titles. Travis “The Beast” Bagent proved that his talk game was still on fleek Saturday as he took out Eric Woelfel on the left arm and Nick Zinna on the right to take both superheavyweight titles. Nicole Cisco had a huge day in the women’s division, taking 1st place on both arms in the 149-pound division. Cisco also took home right and left arm bragging rights in the overall women’s competition. In the 128-pound women’s division, Michelle Smart won on the left hand as Taylor Johnson took the left. Lisa Wolfley won both the left and right arm titles in the 148-pound competition.

There’s no time for the top finishers to celebrate. They’re gonna rub out their biceps and start preparing themselves for the WAL 2016 Championships in Las Vegas on June 24, where stacks of cash, bragging rights and WAL Hammers of Champions will be on the line. And for this first time this year, the North and South Regional winner will be met by the top finishers from the European Regional earlier this year. The action on ESPN this summer is gonna burn hotter than ever!


1. Justin Bishop
2. Jeremy Fraley
3. Greg Hilton
4. Ray Hennerichs
5. Grant Bundy
6. Matt Harris
7. Luke Kindt
8. Michael Hann
Places 9-12 (in ABC order)
Junior Andrews
Antonio Guajardo Ruiz
Mike McGraw
Maks Taubin
1. Luke Kindt
2. Justin Bishop
3. Allen Fisher
4. Jamie Sheldon
5. Ray Hennerichs
6. Matt  Harris
7. Junior Andrews
8. Grant Bundy
Places 9-12 (in ABC order)
Tony Bishop
Michael Hann
Greg Hilton
Mike McGraw
1. Chad Silvers
2. Dan Worley
3. Bill Logsdon
4. Tim Tallmadge
5. Chase Stratton
6. Spencer Lightningfire
7. Cody Hadley
8. Dan Mosier
Places 9-12 (in ABC order)
9. Scott Partington
10. Austin Taylor
11. Scott Wynn
12. Aaron Yearsley
1. Chad Silvers
2. Craig Tullier
3. Eric Wolfe
4. Alan Guerra
5. Dan Mosier
6. Bill Logsdon
7. Austin Taylor
8. Josh Dale
Places 9-12 (in ABC order)
Cody Franklin
Michael Levin
Bryce Whittle
Scott Wynn
1. Ron Bath
2. Jordan Sill
3. Derrick Simmons
4. Jerome Loud
5. Jadako Talton
6. Chris Chandler
7. Jarrod Levulett
8. Jose Melendez
Places 9 -12 (in ABC order)
Luke Loeffler
Anthony Lowe
Robert Misson
Scott Warren
1. Ron Bath
2. Chris Chandler
3, Steven Green
4. Jordan Sill
5. Fritz Corry
6. Bo Oleson
7. Anthony Lowe
8. Danny Gillean
Places 9 -12 (in ABC order)
Henry Bliley
Jarrod Levulett
Hugo Ramirez
Jadako Talton
1. Travis Bagent
2. Eric Woelfel
3. Kody Merrit
4. Ken Blackman
5. Matt Sartori
6. Nate Adams
7. Karl Stanely
8. John  Portillo
Places 9 -12 (in ABC order)
Billy Fokakis
Adam Irrgang
Chad O’Neil
Clayton Wilson
1. Travis Bagent
2. Nick Zinna
3. Nate Adams
4. Eric Woelfel
5. Robby Burnett
6. John  Portillo
7. Wayne Withers
8. Nicholas Smith
Places 9-12 (in ABC order)
Dustin Allen
Billy Fokakis
Shawn Turner
Clayton Wilson

1. Taylor Johnson
2. Megan Bevans
3. Julie Nutsch 
1. Michelle Smart
2. Taylor Johnson
3. Megan Bevans
4. Julie Nutsch
Lisa Wolfley
Lisa Wolfley
1. Nicole Cisco
2. Ashley May
3. Britta Byford
1. Nicole Cisco
2. Ashley May
3. Britta Byford 

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