2016 WAL Heavyweight Championship Recap

August 23rd 2016

By his own account, the World Armwrestling League’s 2016 Northern Regionals were a slog for “No Limits” Devon Larratt, a perennial WAL champ. His arms “felt like glue” for weeks after the Regionals in May.

And with heavyweight hounds like Matt Mask and “The Legend” Ron Bath licking their chops for the top position, it was going to be a long night for Larratt.

But his championship pedigree came through.  Again. And Larratt took home the top spot on both the right and left arms, a first in his explosive WAL career. Go here for the WAL’s full 2016 TV schedule to get yourself caught up on all the action!

Mask, the self-proclaimed “Iron Horse,” trained like a demon possessed to rob Larratt of his title. The Canadian posted pics of Larratt and other top heavyweights in his garage for motivation during the lonely quest. Still, the boisterous Mask couldn’t top Larratt.

Bath dominated the Southern Regionals earlier this year, but he too fell to Larratt, this time on the right. While both biceps screamed by the night’s end, and Larratt hurt, he came to Vegas and did what he had to do. He now has a year to enjoy joining the illustrious “Two Hammers” Club.

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