2016 WAL Super Heavyweight Championship Recap

August 23rd 2016

Super Heavyweight titan “Easy Money” Dave Chaffee has always said that, if his years-long undefeated reign as undefeated right-arm champ ended, he’d just start a new streak.

That’s a reality Chaffee is facing after the World Armwrestling League’s 2016 Super Heavyweight Championship in Las Vegas, where Chaffee ultimately succumbed to Travis “The Beast” Bagent.
Bagent, sporting the biggest mouth along with the biggest biceps in the game, did his annual domination of the left-arm of the 226+ class, but he handed Chaffee a resounding loss on the right as well. Ryan Espey, a Northern Regionals dominator, put up a good struggle but ultimate fell to Bagent, the pillar of  pulling who lives by the motto, “If I’m not the man, then I’d like to meet him.”

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