2015 WAL Series Expands through ESPN networks in South America and Central America!

September 2nd 2015

The World Armwrestling League continues its global ascent with the announcement that the 2015 series, viewed by millions in America, will soon spread to other parts of the armwrestling-loving world!

Through ESPN networks and affiliate partners, the WAL’s blistering 2015 campaign--comprised of the regional finals and championship tournaments in the light, mid, heavy and super heavyweight classes--will soon be on TV in Mexico, South America and Central America! The world’s premier pulling action will also air in the Caribbean, Australia, New Zealand and elsewhere in that neck of the Pacific.
“Armwrestling is a universal sport, enjoyed by men and women around the planet,” WAL Operations Director Ben Murray said. “The expansion into these new markets is just another way to give viewers the WAL that they want.”
This growth comes on the heels of the announcement that WAL will host a mammoth European qualifier this November across the UK and the continent!
Stay tuned! More details are coming regarding airings in these corners of the globe and many more!
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