2015 Series - Over $500,000 Cash Payout!!

January 20th 2015

The 2015 WAL series will be comprised of one huge tournament designed to identify and crown the best armwrestlers in North America as WAL champions. This means more money, more exposure and more excitement.  The 2015 season is designed to grow the sport by inviting the masses to take part of the greatest sport on earth!

ESPN and WAL have partnered to feature 7 WAL events to air in successive weeks during the 2015 season beginning with our regional finals.

2015 includes: 100 Qualifiers, 3 Regionals and 4 Championships (1 per weight class)

ESPN/WatchESPN Coverage:

Region 1 Finals (R/L), Region 2 Finals (R/L), Region 3 Finals (R/L), Lightweight Championship (R/L), Middleweight Championship (R/L), Heavyweight Championship (R/L), Open Championship (R/L)

Men's Weight Classes (right and left):





Qualifier Events:

  • 100 Qualifying Events:  All competitors must win one match in a qualifying event to be invited to compete in one of three massive regional events.  We are growing the sport and want to encourage as much new competitor success and regional participation as possible.

  • All competitors pay a one-time annual competitor fee of $30 for one arm or $50 for two arms. Competitors can compete in multiple qualifying events by paying additional qualifier event fees.

  • Many of the qualifying events will include digital coverage as well as photography for use on the network as well as WAL digital programming.

  • www.walunderground.com will handle all qualifier registrations as well as post event results and highlights


Regional Events:

2015 Regionals Payout: 1st $3000, 2nd $1500, 3rd $1250, 4th $1000, 5th $500, 6th $500, 7th $500, 8th $500

  • 3 Regions: Northern, Southern, Western

  • Competitors must compete in the region where they hold a valid drivers license.

  • Canadian competitors will be assigned regions.

  • Open to all competitors who qualify and pre-register on www.walunderground.com.

  • Saturday and Sunday, May 30/31 in Las Vegas

  • Top 6 in each of the 8 classes advance to the Championships.  That's 18 men per arm/weight class at Finals.

  • All regional finalists advancing will receive a $500 travel reimbursement stipend to attend the WAL Championships.

  • There will be no fees for participation at this level.


Championship Events:

Championships Payout: 1st $20,000, 2nd $10,000, 3rd $3,000, 4th $2,500, 5th $1,000, 6th $1,000, 7th $ 500, 8th $500

  • Event date and venue TBD in Las Vegas
  • Open to competitors who have qualified from the Regionals
  • Must pre-register on www.walundereground.com by June 8, 2015
  • Injuries or open spots (if any), will be filled by competitors who finished 7-8 from the Region that has the open spot.



  • Standard WAL Rules will apply with one addition: WAL will institute the RUNNING FOUL system for all classes at all levels during the 2015 season.
  • Bracket system will be double-sided format


WAL Women in 2015

WAL remains committed to building female armwrestling into a truly competitive part of our sport. Women will be invited to participate in the qualifier events plus WAL one women's-only competitions in Las Vegas. In order to increase the number of women entering the sport, women do not need to compete in the qualifiers to compete in the Las Vegas events. WAL will film these events for digital coverage but they currently are not part of the network programming.

Women's Weight Classes (right and left):
**Note: If a minimum number of women do note register for a weight class (8), we will combine weight classes to make a functional tournament.
Women's Cash Payout for each arm/weight class:
1st: $1,000; 2nd: $750, 3rd: $500; 4th: $250
TOTAL: $15,000
Registration Fee: No Registration Fee for Women
Format: Matches are one-pull-and-move-on in a double-elimination bracket system until the Finals, which are best of 3 matches. 
Novice classes will be added IF there are a minimum amount of signups to support well-functioning brackets (minimum of 8 per class). A novice, in this case, is considered to be anyone who has participated in 5 tournaments or fewer. As with the Open classes, these weight classes may be combined to make the brackets functional. Please alert the tournament director if you plan to attend the Vegas event as a novice
Women's Event Details
Date: May 30.

Location: Cox Pavilion, Las Vegas
Time: 12 p.m.

Registration/Weigh In:  Same Times/dates places as Men's Regionals 
   Excalibur Hotel & Casino
   Thursday and Friday, May 28 & 29, 3-7 p.m.
Tournament Director
Sue Fischer
Please contact Sue with any questions about the women's event.

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