2015 Qualifiers to Date

April 1st 2015

The numbers are coming in from around the country and they are big! Already more than 550 people have qualified for WAL Regionals in Las Vegas. If you believe you have qualified and do not see your name on this list, please contact us immediately at: info@walunderground.com. Note - results from Columbus, Ohio and Fort Wayne, Ind. are still pending. More coming soon!

Aberdeen, Idaho:
Marty Anzik - Both
Robert Baier - Both
Tom Benedict - Right
Todd Christiansen - Both
William Guess -Right
Victor Guierrern - Both
James Krehbiel - Both
Terry Lewis - Right
Jayce Miller - Right
Troy Nelson - Left
Ricky Piercy - Right
Curtis Robinson - Both
John Shipes - Both
Trevor Street-Left
Josh Taylor - Left
Ryan Thatcher- Right

Barrie, Ontario:
Mike Boosie -Right
Bradley Bourgoin -Left
Evan bourgoin -Both
Louis Brassard -Right
Tony   Brooks -Both
Kevin  Carriere -Both
Bradford Cook -Left
Evan Cooke -Right
Shea Dickie -Both
Chuck Duquette -Right
Mikel  Gould -Both
George Iszakolits -Right
Jeff Kay -Both
Janik Kwias -Both
Mark  Lassard -Right
Bill Lougheed -Both
Brian Power -Right
Jonathan quirt -Left
Sean Raney -Left
Tyler Robinson -Left
Kyle Scott -right
Mike Taylor -Both
John Therrien -Both
Earll Wilson -Left

Baton Rouge, Louisiana:
Ryan Thatcher - Right
Austin Bezet - Both
Jacob Brown - Both
Patrick Bruno - Right
Chris Buck - Both
Grant Bundy - Both
Shane Burkett - Right
James Chancey - Both
Monty Clayton - Both
Dusty Coleman -Both
Cody Comeau - Left
Jonathon Coston - Both
Ashton Dauzat - Right
Britt Dunnigan - Both
Cody Evans - Right
Timothy Evans - Right
Danny Gillean - Right
Ernie Gras - Both
Greg Gray - Both
Sean Hardman - Both
Kyle Hebert - Both
Ray Hennerichs - Both
Allan Hester - Right
Micah Jarreau - Right
Jason Jarreau - Right
Tony Kaiser - Both
Devin Kelly - Both
James Lane - Both
Hunter Lane - Left
John Lee - Both
Erik Lee - Both
Dickie Lejeune - Both
Olin Lucas - Right
Luke Mackey - Both
Ashley May - Both
Austin McGraw - Both
Nicholas Michel - Right
Michael Moore - Both
Daniel Mosier - Both
Brad Navero - Both
Michael Newman - Both
Chad Oneal - Both
Tyler Rutherford - Both
Jason Rutherford - Both
Carl Seguin - Right
Derrick Simmons - Both
Scott Slaton - Left
Nick Smith - Right
Lance Stubbs - Right
Craig Tullier - Both
Ian Waggoner - Both
Herbie Walker - Right
Randy Webre - Both
Donavon Wells - Right
Steven Williams - Right
Jeff Zematis – Both

Bayside, New York:
Pat Baffa - Both
Nick Batista - Right
Steve Black -Both
Joyce Boone - Right
Bobby Buttafudeo - Both
Matt Degasperi - Both
Dan DeSoto - Right
Vincent Dinescu - Both
Eugene Dinescu - Both
Chris Fiorenzo - Right
Daniel Fusco - Both
Georgi Gelashvili - Both
Anna Kenah - Both
Jonathan Laba - Right
Rich Longo - Right
Chris Nittoli  - Both
Julio Rosario - Both
Kelly Jean Scanlon - Both
Chris Sciarappa - Both
Martin Soven - Right
Chris Tsintavis - Left
Jason Vale - Right
Jeff Weir – Both

Bend, Oregon:
Bieler David -Both
Brandon Brian -Both
Cruz Giordano  -Left
Delonge Chris -Both
Ferreira Allen -Left
Lantz Ryan -Left
Linton Brandon -Both
Lopez Tyler -Both
Lopez Skyler -Left
Lyle Colin -Both
Manson Kenneth -Both
McCoy Herman -Right
Nash Bruce -Both
Snowden Chad -Both
Wartena Darren -Both
Young Cyril -Right

Biddeford, Maine:
Barnett Seth -Both
Bean IV Harry -Right
Bean V Harry -Both
Berube Jeff -Both
Bresnan Tim -Right
Brogan Eugene -Left
Brown Jon -Both
Buzzell Trevor -Both
caldwell sr bill -Left
Cervantes John -Right
Devou Mary -Both
Dubey Christopher -Right
Francis Marie -Right
Grant  Joshua -Both
Hall Danamle -Both
Howgate Kurt -Both
Hubbard Orin -Both
Josselyn Travis -Right
Klemba Ron -Both
lewis   scott -Both
Lewis Timothy -Both
Lowell Lynne -Right
Maurais paul -Both
Merrill Cathy -Both
Meservey Jeremy -Both
Riley nate -Right
Ross Justin -Left
Saccoccia Jim -Both
Sarvalov Abdul -Both
Souliere Andy -Left
trunk  wayne -Both
Vannah Justin -Both
Vieira mark -Both

Billings, Montana:
Albrecht Ethan -Right
Bair Devin -Both
Campbell Justin -Both
Eiden  Dustin -Both
Ellefson Rev -Both
Guille Derik  -Both
Huskey John -Right
Kratzer Buck -Both
Pierson Gordon -Both
Rogge Brent -Left
Viera Patrick -Left
Wright Jim -Both

Boise, Idaho:
Lewis TJ -Both
Baier Robert -Both
Cash jarod -Both
Kirkpatrick Shawn -Both
knutson-plantinga casey -Both
Krehbiel James -Both
LaVergne John -Right
McEntire Chris -Left
McEntire Shawn -Both
Miller Jayce –Both
Nelson Troy -Left
Sill Jordan -Both
Spencer Alan -Both
Wartena Brady -Right

Braintree, Massachusettes:
Dean Banaian -Right
Debbie banaian -Both
Valerie Beach -Left
Robert Belley -Right
David Brien -Right
Christopher Burns -Both
Jerry Cadorette -Right
Bill Caldwell -Both
Raymond Calhoun -Both
Craig calley -Both
Justin Clark -Right
Tommy Cole -Both
Marcin Czembrowski -Left
Joh Dagostino -Right
Ned Dalzell -Right
Wilkerson demelo -Both
Adam Gosselin -Right
Junyong Pak -Right
Justin Pinsonneault -Both
Christy Resendes -Left
Gianni Romeo -Right
Nazar Simko -Both
Al Solomon -Both
walter            souse -Right
Jamie Strott -Right
Robert Vigeant -Both
Katy Weinberg –Both

Burlington, Vermont:
Adam Barup - Both
Mike Castine - Right
Steve Cicirello - Left
Steve Dinco - Both
Isaac Firkey - Right
Socrates Fronhoffer - Both
Jessilyn Gillette - Both
John Jackson - Both
Kayla Jackson - Left
Travis Josalyn - Right
Curtis Laramee - Right
Scott Lewis - Both
Mark Marderosian - Right
Derrick Mattera - Both
Ashley Meacham - Left
George Sheldrick - Both
Bill Sinks - Both
Dale Turgeon - Both
Katie Viau - Left
Jeremy Yerdon - Left

Columbia, Maryland:
Brian Earomirski -Right
Shane Fleming -Right
Steven Golob -Both
Mike Homewood -Both
David Marrocco -Right
Jason Martin -Both
David May -Right
Hank (William) Meadows -Right
Mike  Odonnell -Right
Aaron Piper -Right
Brandon potts -Right
Garrett Stepsis -Right
Brian walker -Both

Columbus, Ohio:
Alan Cross- Right
Michael James- Right
Greg Arnold -Both
Kyle Hamilton-Both
Josh Hamilton-Both
Hutchings Todd- Both
Metcalf oliver -Right
Michael Hitt -Both
Michael Dawson -Both
Shane McLaughlin -Both
Mark Nutch- Both
Christian Gilbert -Right
Coram, New York:
Ayello, Mike -Both
Bennettson, Billy -Right
Degasperi, Matt -Both
Delgiorno, Richard -Right
Feldman, Roger -Right
Fiorenzo, Chris -Right
Fusco, Daniel -Left
Grover, Robert -Both
Kamana, Rik -Left
Kazlouski, Viktar -Both
Longo, Rich -Both
Nelson, Kevin - Right
Ramsland, Roy -Both
Sperling, Keri -Right
Vetere, Vincent -Both
Vidal, Anthony -Left

Edinboro, Pennsylvania:
Kevin Arbuckle -Right
Darry Baideme-Both
Lucas Bender- Right
Ronald Bowers - Right
Bill Cantley - Both
Dave Chaffee - Both
Tim Clark - Right
Adam Cook - Both
Chuck Davis - Right
Michelle Dougan - Right
Brandon Ellsessor - Both
Craig Emch - Right
Jeff Flack - Both
Amos Glenn - Both
Jon Hager - Both
John Heynoski- Right
James Honecker - Both
Kurt Hood - Both
Gregg Hull- Left
James Kerr - Both
Mike Knepp - Right
Randy Louive - Both
Herrick Martin - Both
William Meadows - Left
Steve North- Left
Jonny Pipes - Right
Chris Post- Left
Matthew Prichard - Both
Aubrey Reese - Both
Kevin Robertson - Both
Jim Roof- Right
Nikki Roof - Left
Bill Runkle - Both
Michael Sayre - Right
Paul Schneider- Both
Shane Smith - Right
Dan Stiver- Right
Paul Talbott - Both
Randy Tinsley- Right
Nadiya Wilczynski - Both
Adam Wilmot – Both
Edinboro, Pennsylvania:
Ronald Bowers- Right
Bill Cantley- Both
Dave Chaffee- Both
Tim Clark- Right
Adam Cook- Both
Chuck Davis- Right
Michelle Dougan- Right
Brandon Ellsessor- Both
Craig Emch- Right
Jeff Flack- Both
Amos Glenn- Both
Jon Hager- Both
James Honecker- Both
Kurt Hood- Both
James Kerr- Both
Mike Knepp- Right
Randy Louive- Both
Herrick Martin- Both
William Meadows- Left
Jonny Pipes- Right
Matthew Prichard- Both
Aubrey Reese- Both
Kevin Robertson- Both
Nikki Roof- Left
Bill Runkle- Both
Michael Sayre- Right
Paul Talbott- Both
Nadiva Wilczynski- Both
Adam Wilmot- Both
John Heynoski- Both

Elizabeth City, North Carolina:
Mike Ange -Right
Andy buschine -Right
David  Cartwright -Both
Micha Hamilton -Right
Zachary McDonald -Both
Les Midgette -Right
Donald Nanney -Right
Lynwood Rogers -Right
Tommy Russell -Both
Austin            smith -Both
Derrick Townes -Both
Carlton Twine -Both
Jason Wallace -Both
Jason Noland -Right
Brad  Wallace -Right
Ray  Berry -Both

Elkin, North Carolina:
Junior Andrews - Both
Luke Andrews- Both
Mike Bianchi - Both
Jonathan Butcher - Both
Jamie Fortenberry -Right
Jonathan Butcher - Both
Jamie Fortenberry - Both
Mike Gianelli - Both
Bob Giannell - Left
Nathan Harrison -Both
Steve Kirkland - Both
Steve Kirkland - Left
Rick Laten - Right
Greg Lyons - Both
Jimmy Mabe – Left
Anthony Miranda -Right
Jimmy Mabe - Both
Bucky Russell - Both
John Wiles- Both

Erie, Pennsylvania:
Baideme Terry -Right
Baideme Darryl -Both
Bush Adam -Right
Clement Greg -Both
Cody Steven -Right
Heynoski john -Right
Hillard danny -Both
Lavor Andrew -Left
Luke Jeffrey -Both
Martin Herrick -Left
Pound Stetson -Right
Reynolds Nick -Right
Shantie George -Both
Shreve Aaron -Right
Skeehan Eddie -Both
Stiver Dan -Right
Turcinhodzic Adis -Both
Turcinhodzic Alen -Both
Waller Jason -Right
Wilmot Adam -Both

Erie, Pennsylvania (5-2-15):
Darryl Baideme -Both
Lucas Bender  -Both
Brandon Ellsessor -Both
Luke Ellsessor  -Right
Steve Hale -Left
Samual Harris -Both
John Heynoski -Right
Andrew Hiller  -Left
Nellis Billy -Right
Aubrey Reese  -Both
Scott Replogle  -Left
Paul Schneider -Both
Paul Smego  -Both
Lance Treen -Both
Mark Walker -Both
Adam Wilmot -Both

Evansville, Indiana:
Kristy Adams - Both
Chris Brown - Both
Daniel Bruns - Right
Jared Cook - Both
Brad Cook - Right
Tyler Cullen - Right
Cameron Davis - Right
Logan Duckworth - Both
Molly Eisert - Both
Thomas Finnerty - Right
Riley Firsich - Right
Brian Fuller - Right
Jeff Hale - Right
Luke Jablonski - Both
Jeff Janes - Both
Daniel Lawrence - Left
Lane Liggett - Both
Caleb Lydick - Right
Christian Lyons - Right
Eric McGlauchlen - Both
Blaine Middleton - Both
Gale Mulvaney - Both
Clayton Mutz - Both
Logan Neufelder - Right
Jacob Newman - Left
Nick Query - Right
Brent Rakers - Both
Alec Ross - Both
Tanner Seaton - Both
Matt Taylor - Both
Beth Tuley - Right
Luke Veteto - Right
Sky Williams - Right
Charles Lee Williams - Left

Everett, Washington:
Jacob Abbott –Both
Justin Archibald - Both
Alex amys -Left
Clint Bradley -Both
Jose Camps -Right
Timothy Christensen -Right
Ben Colbern -Both
Joe Cranford -Both
Anthony dall'antonia -Both
Clayton Faulconer -Right
Jeremy heah -Both
Bobby Hood -Both
Clay Jamison -Left
Zack Jamison -Right
Matthew Luce -Both
David Mackin -Both
Joseph Ohman -Left
Aaron Perez -Right
Howard Phillips -Right
Steve Phipps -Both
Cole Sailor -Both
Andres Valleza -Right
Harold Williams –Both
Yigit Yuce -Both

Flint, Michigan:
Andy Allbee - Right
Scott Aninzo - Both
Dan Bennett - Both
Dan Blanchard - Both
Matt Bourdon - Both
Jeremy Boyd - Left
John Cipriano - Left
Fred Dedrick - Both
William Gates - Right
Walter Heartman - Left
Chuck Henery - Both
Nick Hill -Both
Mike Hojhacki - Right
Daryl Ingersol - Both
Mark Klein - Right
Ryan Langan - Right
Phil Lange - Both
Dan Maring - Right
Terry Mayhew- Right
Dusty Miller -Right
James Monko - Both
Andrew Novak - Right
Carl Novak - Both
Mitchell Phelps - Right
Adam Ross - Both
Jake Sahlaney - Both
Dave Shay - Right
Joe Sheffield - Right
Rick Smith - Right
Stafon Solgot - Both
Troy Stuhan - Both
Michael Vein - Right
Paul Vertalka - Right
Aaron West - Both
Chad Weston - Left
Gabe White – Right

Fort Myers, Florida:
Beauchamp  Alec -Right
Benoit Dan -Both
Binnie Christian -Left
Brooks Christopher -Both
Brown Devinlee -Both
Ceci Chris -Both
Coleman Dusty -Both
Davis Josh -Both
Gonzalez Austin -Both
Hargis Denver -Right
Hohrath Scot -Both
Morgan Roger -Both
Morris Joe -Both
Morris Brandon -Right
Morrison Joel -Left
Moyeno Terrence -Right
Mull Cory -Right
Muttillo Brian -Right
Obrien Thomas -Right
Prior Kyle -Right
Rivas Jason -Both
Roberts Martin -Both
Schubert Chris -Right
Schubert Robert -Both
Soubliere Craig -Right
Spears Josh -Both
Spencer Patrick -Left
Spiroff Richard (Dickie) -Left
Spiroff Logan -Both
Stanley Karl -Both
Stuller Ivo -Both
Taubin Maks -Both
Torres Fausto -Right
Tullier Craig -Both
Worley denial -Both

Fort Wayne, Indiana:
Barlow Jason -Both
Brown Kevin -Both
Byanskie brian -Right
Capi Adam -Right
Dominique drew -Both
Douglas Cameron -Right
Ducheney Drew -Right
Gacsy Barnes Joyce L. -Both
Gest Kris -Right
Gomez Chris -Both
Hellard Jeff -Both
Heltzel randy -Right
High Ed -Right
Kelley Larry -Both
Kimpel Kevin -Both
Lingerfeldt cliff -Right
Melroy Jr Tony -Both
Mendez Quinlan -Both
Metcalf oliver -Both
Minic Brent -Right
Moore Jerome -Both
Nofziger chad -Both
Oliphant Jessie -Left
Pomeroy Jerry -Right
Rasbury Matthew -Left
Reese Bryan -Both
Sickman Joey -Both
Sipe Tyler -Both
Traxler nick -Both
Ursino Anthony -Both
Wermer ryan -Both
Wilson Thomas-Right
Winzeler Chris- Both
Wiswell Jeremy -Both

Green River, Wyoming:
Bart Amundsen -Both
Jeremy Archuleta -Both
Kevin Beller -Right
Shaun Brough -Both
William Campbell -Right
Jeff Chestnut -Both
James Clark -Right
Timothy Coble -Both
Larry Costalez -Both
Nathan Donivan -Both
Jim Edwards -Both
Glen Ekker -Both
Todd emmitt -right
Rick Franzen -both
Chris Garza -Right
Tim Gossett -Right
John hiltner -Right
Troy Jevne -Right
Nathan Kinney -Both
Morris Lamb -Right
Calvin Lamb -Right
Morris lewis -Both
Kurt Nacey -Both
Joshua Nacey -Both
Dwight Parker -Right
Dwayne Parker -Right
Tony Pena -Left
Rick Piercey -Right
Saxxon Ryan -Both
Alfredo Sing -Both
Cory Staley -Both
Phillip Stanton -Right
Joshua tabor -Both
Tracy Tynsky -Both
J.D. Howard -Left

Hot Springs, South Dakota:
Dalton Alexander - Both
AJ Henson - Both
Blake Horr - Right
James Jensen - Both
Brandon Norris - Left
Nick Penner - Both
Derek Penner - Both
Luke Pulscher - Right
Chris Roy - Both

Humble, Texas:
Colby Anderson - Both
Peder Angell - Both
Keith Armbrester - Both
Ken Blackman - Both
Henry Bliley - Both
Lee browning - Left
John Campbell - Both
Jonathan Coston -Right
Alejandro De Gyres - Both
Alejandro De - Both
Livingston Denegre-Vaught - Both
Charles Dunn - Right
Corey Dunn - Right
Ron Erdmann - Both
Abraham Garcia - Right
Aslan Gassiyev - Right
Antonio Guajardo - Both
Alan Guerra - Both
Heather Hamilton - Both
Trey Hoffman - Right
Jonathon Johnson - Both
Daniel Johnson - Both
Lindley Keating - Both
Tucker Keating - Both
Brock Kelly - Both
Jordan Kelly - Right
Wayne Kelly - Both
Anthony Lowe - Both
Gary Mamud - Right
Habeeb Masha - Right
Anthony Mata - Right
Jerod McDonald - Both
Zachery Miles - Both
Robert Mosqueda - Both
Phillip Munoz - Both
Michael Myers - Both
James O'Brien - Both
Bruno Pujalt - Right
German Romo - Both
Antonio Ruiz- Right
Brian Sanchez - Both
Brian Sitton - Right
Joe Speed - Right
Christian Speed - Left
Shannon Tran - Right
Clayton Wilson - Both
Jeff Zemaitis -Both
Jackson, Michigan:
Hunter Avery - Right
Scott Barba - Both
Robert Bishop - Both
James Burtt - Right
Scott Castle - Both
Roger Cunningham - Right
Anthony Devore -Right
Bryce Dykgraaf - Right
Steve Hatfield - Right
Chuck Henry - Both
Nick Hill - Both
Austin Laney - Both
Zach Marihugh - Both
Tarry Mayhew - Both
Scott Moore - Right
Troy Pennel - Both
Adam Ross - Right
Sage Saladini - Right
Brandon Sellers - Left
Ruslan Sergeyer - Both
Mike Vincent - Right
Scott White – Right

Jackson, Mississippi:
Blevins Aaron- Both
Brown chance- Both
Bundy Grant- Both
Cagle Mike- Both
Clark Nick- Both
Clark Bobby- Both
Clayton Rance- Both
Creel Zach -Left
Davis Jacob -Both
Davis Trent -Right
Dunigan Britt -Both
Fokakis Bj -Right
Graham Eric -Both
Gras Ernie -Both
Hardman Sean -Both
Hebert Kyle -Both
Irons Shelly -Right
Ivy Casey -Right
Kaiser Tony (Louisiana Lightning) -Both
Kirby Bo -Left
Kirby Tyler -Right
Kischevs Toby -Right
Lirette Joey (JoJo) -Both
Michel Nick -Right
Mann Brad Right
McGraw Austin -Both
O'Neal Chad -Both
Riley James - Both
Roemer Mark -Right
Ronquille Bruce -Both
Scott dean -Both
Seguin Carl -Right
Tauscher Chris -Right
Toups John -Both
Trahan Shawn -Right
Wann Beth Ann -Right
Williams Brad -Right
Williams Stephen -Right
Withers Wayne -Both
Wulf George -Both

Jacksonville, Florida:
Bishoff  Jacob -Left
Brock Wilton -Both
Brosh Justin -Right
Burton Jason -Right
Cosar Alper -Both
Davey Richard -Both
Dias Frank -Both
Gilliam Hunter -Right
Hall Shawn -Both
Harvey Michael -Right
Hilton greg -Both
Kephart Rocky -Both
Loud Jerome -Both
Morrison Jake W -Right
Newman Mike -Left
Oliver Darrell -Both
Porter Coy -Left
Sams Kevin -Right
Shaw Chancellor -Both
Snoots Paul -Right
Soubliere Craig -Right
Steed Jason -Right
Sumner Evan -Both
Sumner Josh -Both
Steve Robinson -Right
Taranenko Artem -Both
Toole Jason -Both
Ward Mike -Both
Westberry Charles -Right
Worley Danial -Both
Kearny, New Jersey:

Ader Jonathan -Left
Ayello Mike -Both
Bailey John -Both
Barboza Marcio -Both
Bravo Steven -Left
Dass Ralph -Left
Dutra Flori -Both
Eldrigde Luke -Right
Erezuma Mike -Right
Erezuma Billy -Both
Ferreira Fernando -Both
Fisler Edward -Both
Furlan Luiz -Both
Jimenez Genny -Left
Kochanek Audrey -Right
Kopa Justin -Left
Moreira Ricardo -Right
Nelson Kevin -Both
Opitz todd -Left
Opitz eric -Right
Pacheco jeniffer -Both
Paiva angelo -Right
Panzetti Marcela -Both
Pellettiere Michael -Both
Petrosian Sergei -Left
Pipes Jonny -Right
Podany Michael -Right
Puleo Joseph -Right
Romero William -Both
Rosario Julio -Right
Rosario Jr. Paul -Left
Sanchez Michael -Right
Sawick bob -Both
Tabert Paula -Both
Tavarez Eriberto -Right
Ramirez Armando -Left

Lake Charles, Louisiana:
Borrow Joshua -Left
Harris Max -Both
Heinen Matt -Both
Johnson Dalton -Both
Moore Michael -Right
Ortego James Kodak -Right
Simmons Derrick -Left

Lakemoor, Illinois:
Victor Cardona - Left
Emmanuel  Cardona - Left
Kent Damore- Both
Ranell Duncan  - Right
Jessica Elliott - Right
Charles Fish - Right
Kevin Fish - Right
Carlos Garcia - Left
Joseph Gawle - Right
Chris Gellings - Both
Scott  Goloven - Left
Nicholas Harmatys - Both
Chris Hintgen - Both
Tyann  Hintgen - Right
Chase Malloe - Right
Isaac Moon - Both
samuel nicholas - Left
Anthony Orsino - Left
Jason Palubicki - Left
Robertas Prozivalskis - Both
Royal Randall - Both
Piotr Rog - Both
Adam Sagers - Both
freddy sanchez - Right
Jacob Schopf - Both
Steve Sirovatka - Both
Steve Siwek - Right
David Stott - Both
J.T. Stroud - Right
Evan Thomas - Right
Anthony Ursino - Both
Dariusz  Zentac – Right

Las Vegas, Nevada:
Bowers seth -Both
Casim dennis -Right
Cook Michael -Both
Darr Jacob -Both
Henry will -Both
Hopper Benjamin -Right
Kamza Alex -Both
McCandless Mason -Both
McCandless Jeff -Left
McGrath Joseph -Both
Mills Peter -Right

Lenexa, Kansas:
Charles  Albright - Right
Bob Bishop - Right
Mike Bowling - Both
Justin Cantwell - Right
Kory Charpentier - Both
Ryan Clark - Both
Timothy Clem - Both
Sam Cox - Right
Jim Coyle - Both
Michael Creason - Right
Tim Cringan - Right
Allen Cross - Both
Dalton Cross - Both
Eric Cunningham - Right
Joshua Dale - Both
Gary Dunkin - Both
Matt Ellis - Left
Mike Goolsby - Right
Jeremy Green - Both
Steven Green - Both
Nathan Grossenbacher - Right
Rick Grossenbacher - Both
David Gulledge - Left
Kyle Gulledge - Both
Scott Harris - Both
Gerald Holmes - Both
Ryan Johnston - Both
Bill Logsdon - Both
Steven Logsdon - Right
Troy Minnick - Left
Roger Nowatzke - Right
Bo Oleson - Both
Jeremy Plaster - Left
Jeffery Puckett - Both
Daniel Shelton - Right
Michael Shelton - Right
Tyler Smith - Both
Chase Stratton - Both
Kenny Thomas - Both
Lance Vestal - Left
Lucas Weaver - Both
Nickolas Zinna – Right

Levittown, Pennsylvania:
Jonathan Ader -Both
Peter Ader -Left
John bailey -Left
LeiRaun Baldwin -Both
Brian Bellwood -Both
Mike berardine -both
Ethan Bruzzese -Right
Storm Chellino-Both
Keith Clark -Right
Steve Dussell -Right
Jeff Earl -Right
Mike Ebright -Right
Chad Eckert -Both
Joey Eye -Left
Dennis Kochel -Both
Shawn Lattimer -Both
Josh Lex -Right
Max Maxwell -Both
Rob Merget -Right
Eric Opitz -Left
Marc orapallo -Both
Francis Pedersen- Left
Megan Reiss -Both
Jeremy Rhoads -Right
Michael Sanchez -Right
David Silberman -Right
Bruce Slager -Both
Paula Tabert -Both
Mark vanderhoff -Left
Damon Williams -Right
Dariusz Wisniewski -Left
Longmont, Colorado:
Louis Caleca -Both
Fabian Colin -Right
Chris Davis –Both
Leland driggs -Both
Travis Elijah –Right
Matt Girdner-Both
Scott Hutchings -Both
Christopher Kaufman -Both
Bob Keller -Both
Earl Kelly -Right
CJ Lettau -Both
Michael Lonnie -Left
Bernie Lujan -Right
Issac luna -Right
Nathan mccallon -Both
James Pisani -Both
Andrew Slifka -Left
Ronald Szabo -Right
Timothy Tallmadge -Both
Matt Grinder-Both
Anthony Thomlison -Right
Spencer Thompson -Right
Leonard Michaud -Both
Longview, Washington:
Ross Burk - Both
Pat-R/L Burke - Both
Shaun Campbell - Both
Kevin Clemenson - Right
Eric Cotterell - Both
Tom Fadness - Both
Bryce Hinden - Both
Paul Johnson - Both
Highway Jun - Left
Nathan Leshley - Right
Colin Lyle - Right
Devin Mackin - Both
Kolby Massey - Both
Dennis McCarthy - Both
Doug McCarthy - Both
Zack McCarthy - Both
Josh McEllrath - Both
Mark Owen - Both
Josh Preuitt - Both
Sam Reid - Both
Darren Sanders - Both
Ernest Stranz - Both
George Weaver - Left
Simean Yang – Both

Loudon, Tennessee:
Baquri Ali -Both
Barnett James -Right
Duncan Luke -Left
Jenkins Laray -Right
Lombardo Kyle -Both
Maresca Louis -Both
Moseley Ray -Both
Sherman Jason -Left
Taggart  Mark -Both
Williams Stan –Right
 Mandan, North Dakota:
Asleson Samual -Right
Baier Ryne -Both
Dockter Justin -Both
Erickson Clifton -Right
Espey Ryan -Both
Gartner Tiffany -Right
Gunsch Eric -Right
Gunsch John -Right
Kerzman Curtis -Right
Leighton Keith -Both
Mahn Edward -Right
Meyer Matt -Both
Morris Rusty -Both
Renfrow Walter -Right
Sweedman TJ -Both
Thronsedt Stoney -Both
Walker Chris -Both

Mandan, North Dakota:
Asleson Samual -Right
Baier Ryne -Both
Dockter Justin -Both
Erickson Clifton -Right
Espey Ryan -Both
Gartner Tiffany -Right
Gunsch Eric -Right
Gunsch John -Right
Kerzman Curtis -Right
Leighton Keith -Both
Mahn Edward -Right
Meyer Matt -Both
Morris rusty -Both
Renfrow Walter -Right
Sweedman TJ -Both
Thronsedt Stoney -Both
Walker Chris -Both

Martinsburg, West Virginia:
Lewis Corbin - Right
Ken Cox - Both
Joe Dimino - Right
Richard Gough - Both
Trevor Holmes - Left
JR Hostler - Right
Gary Kessler - Both
Dave Labbe - Both
Chris Okyen - Right
Page Orndorff - Right
Charles Pauley - Right
Matt Pezzanite - Right
JC Pienta - Both
Charles Piper - Right
Shane Rollins - Both
William Sager - Left
Kevin Sloan - Right
Shawn Turner - Both
Dayton Ward – Right

Mesquite, Texas:
Belcher Chris -Both
Berdinsky Ron -Both
Campbell Brooks -Both
Clayton Shawn -Both
Gillean Danny -Right
Glick Bryce -Both
Irrgang Adam -Both
Jenkins Michael -Right
Lattimer Shawn -Both
Mallon Joyce -Both
Mallon Chris -Both
Martinez Abel -Right
Martinez Ronnie -Both
May Dwayne -Both
May Ashley -Both
Mcadams shawn -Both
McKiddle Patrick -Right
Moore Gabe -Both
Moore  Nick -Both
Moore Barry -Right
Moors Brenon -Both
Myers Michael -Both
Norma Kyle -Both
Parlett Rick -Both
Pierce Jesse -Both
Pyle Carolyn-Right
Pyle Michael- Right
Saenz IV Serafin -Both
Schamber brian -Right
Sitton Brian -Right
Stanley Joe -Both
Stephens Brad -Right
Sutton Pete  -Right
Szabo Ronald -Both
Tillerson Cody -Both
Tindol Jeff -Both
Waggoner Ian -Both
Walker Torrie -Both
Williams Lisa -Right

Midvale, Utah:
Boyd Chris -Right
Chambers Cameron -Right
Grover Dave -Right
Heppler Wes -Both
Hunick Cody -Both
Jiron Carlos -Both
Lightningfire Spencer -Both
Myler Eric -Both
Peterson  Jake -Both
Schaewe Tom -Right
Wood Spencer -Both
Modesto, California:
Caleb Bair - Both
Michael Bluth - Both
Robert Bravo - Right
Robert Buantello - Both
Steven Converse - Left
Robert Cornejo - Right
Mark Fortes - Left
Tom Fowlie - Both
Brian Franklin - Left
Robert Gerhardt - Both
Capone Gironda - Right
Matt Hughes - Both
Luke Kindt - Left
Mike Levin - Right
Cody Mana - Right
Mike McGraw - Right
Sam Moksouphanh - Right
Kurtis Morris - Left
Daryl Nix - Right
Dane Nix - Both
Leonid Ormanji - Both
David Owens - Right
Vitaliy Palnikov - Both
Zack Pawloski - Both
Tommy Pawloski - Both
John Pawloski - Right
Vince Pawloski JR - Right
Vince Pawloski SR - Right
Nick Petrlich - Right
Nick Postel - Left
Nick Roberts - Both
Brad Rohrer - Both
Taylor Seals - Left
Derrick Suarez - Right
Robbie Topie - Both
Carlo Viale-Lemley - Both
Ryan Weaver - Both
Randy Weaver - Right
Eric Woelfel - Both
Eddie Zaragoza – Right
Moundsville, West Virginia:
Bob Allen - Both
Jake Bowman - Right
Marshall Burns - Both
Cody Eller - Both
Craig Emch - Both
John Hager - Right
Kurt Hood - Right
Jason Jones - Right
Zack Lee - Both
Logan Lindsey - Both
Chris Long - Right
Jeremy Perry - Right
Shane Smith - Both
Tommy Wells - Right
Robert Welsh – Right

New Albany, Indiana:
Ballinger Scott -Both
Barker Robert -Right
Barnett Ryan -Both
Brannock Steven -Right
Fizze Richard –Left
Lawerence Daniel -Both
McGuire Jordan  -Left
Naville Brent -Right
Reichert Josh -Both
Runyon James -Both
Scanlon Tanner -Both
Simpson Brandon -Right
Stapleton Buford -Both
Stapleton Storm -Both
Steele Jim -Both
Turner Shane -Both
Veteto Luke -Both
West Mike -Right
Willoughby Jim -Left
Wilson Mark -Both
Wirth Derek -Both

New Haven, Connecticut:
Jason Martin -Both
Christopher Sciarappa -Both
Joe Ardito -Right
Michael Selearis -Both
Matthew  Berggren -Both

Norco, California:
Buenrostro Johnathon -Both
Bergstrom John -Left
Biundo Frank -Both
Calnan Shawn -Both
Castaneda Brandan -Both
Chavez Rob -Both
Chiccone Richard -Both
Fredin Rocky -Right
Fleming Dougas -Right
Garaka Karl -Right
Griffin Jay -Both
Hadley Cody -Both
Hoffman Johnathon -Both
Kahn Nathan -Both
Kibe Larry -Both
King Nate -Both
Kleinecke Eric -Left
Malcom Robert -Right
Mccarthy John -Right
McEvoy Brian -Right
McClary Don -Both
Mei Josh -Left
Mullins Sean -Left
Partington Scott -Both
Pekin Burak -Both
Pielecheck Kevin -Both
Ramos Ricky -Both
Richardson Ryan -Left
Rohrer Brad -Both
Sheldon Jamie -Right
Smith Derick -Both
Stalley Danny -Both
Stevens Daniel -Right
Stevens Herman -Both
Stevens Paul -Right
Torez Alex -Right
Tauro Travis -Both
Valdez Rudy -Right
Wurmnest Josh -Both
Warren Aj -Both
Warren Scott -Right
Wynn  Scott –Right

Norwalk, Ohio:
Greg Clement -Right
Zach Clevenger -Right
Brett Dortch -Both
Matt Dotson -Left
Gene Dunn -Both
Craig emch -Both
Billy Franklin -Both
Blake Groh -Right
John Houser -Both
Joel Hudik -Both
Chad Julian -Both
Kobra King -Right
Chris long -Both
Ryan Martin -Both
Kyle martin -Right
Tony moore -Both
Tristan moore -Left
Jeremy perry -Right
Michael Sayre -Right
Tyler Stanford -Right
Heath Stephens -Right
Oviedo, Florida:
Asif bangash -Right
Mike Buchan -Right
Chris Chandler -Both (Ref)
James Clayton -Right
Scott Doshan Right
Patrick Downs -Both
Adam Garrison -Both
Chuck Jewell -Both
Bill Kowalczyk -Right
Anthony Letterio -Left
Josh Lopez -Right
Joshua Lovely -Right
Frank malis -Right
Roger Morgan -Both
Brandon Morris -Left
Brian muttillo -Left
Coy Porter -Left
Nick Quick -Right
Nelson Rodriguez -Both
Evan Sumner -Both
Joshua Sumner -Both
Herbie Walker -Right
Joshua Webb -Right
Isaiah Winter –Left

Parkersburg, West Virginia:
Burns "Tiny" -Right
Eller Cody  -Both
Ervin Jason -Right
Hager jon -Both
Hutchings todd -Both
Kerr James  -Both
Lee Zack -Both
Lee Shane -Right
Lindsey Logan -Both
Martin Jr.  Jon  -Both
Mills Jeremy -Both
Moyer Eric -Both
Pinkerton Terry -Right
Smith Shane -Both
Wells Tom -Right

Peterborough, Ontario:
Thomas Balfe -Both
Tyler Bolzan -Both
Jake Charles -Both
Brian Desormeaux -Both
Jesse Edwardson -Right
Rick Heidebrecht -Both
Rick Hopper -Right
Jason Kelly -Right
William Larose -Right
Ryan McGowan -Right
Tyler Robinson -Both
Robert Silverthorne -Right
Travis White -Right
Guy Windover -Both
Darren Schell -Left
Ron Hope -Both
Jake Rohrbacher -Both
Nick Staub -Right
Rob Greig -Right
Brad Wade -Both
Matt Smith -Both
Justin Smith -Both
Cody Purcell -Right

Red Deer, Alberta:
Benoit Fraser -Left
Curtiss Doug -Both
Degtiarenko Vitalii -Right
Grenier Marie-Lou -Both
Guay Marc -Both
Hamadiya Ali -Both
Heroux Stephane -Left
Johnson Darryl -Both
Leitch Kelly -Both
Leitch Dustin -Both
Looker Neil -Both
Mask Matt -Both
Mason Christopher -Right
McCallum Sean -Both
Miller Jeff -Both
Pare Jean-philippe -Both
Park laura -Right
Puckett Chris -Both
Reid Gordon -Right
Shipton Rodger -Right
Squire Gord -Both
Tibok Jason -Right
Vandersteen Collin -Both

Richmond, Ontario:
Fayaz Azeez Abdul  - Both
Cricket Edgerton - Right
Nicola Gazzetto - Both
Chris Laflair - Both
Jamieson Lalande - Left
Devon Larratt - Both
Shawn Simmonds - Both
Jeff Slater - both
Don Smith - Right
Matt Smith - Left
William Walsh – Both

Sacramento, California:
Bair Caleb -Right
Barker Skip -Both
Bluth Michael -Both
Boland Michael -Right
Bravo Robert -Right
Cornejo Roberto -Left
Costa Derek -Left
Dabo John -Right
Danicek Jan -Right
Davis Ryan -Both
Ecclesfield Lee -Right
Gerhardt Robert -Both
Hughes Matthew -Right
Jordan Kevin -Left
Kindt luke -Right
Levin Michael -Right
Mana cody -Right
McCoy Beau -Left
Najar Trevor -Right
Nelson Tom -Both
Nix Dane -Both
Nix Daryl -Right
Obradovich Michael -Both
Osbourn Kevin -Right
Palnikov Vitaliy -Both
Pawloski Vincent -Both
Postel Nick -Left
Roberts Nick -Both
Scofield Matt  -Left
Seals Taylor -Left
Stearns Josh -Both
Vaz Michael -Both
Woelfel Eric -Left
Zaragoza Eddie -Right

Sackville, New Brunswick:
Jonathan Thompson- Both
San Diego, California:
Steve Dancel -Both
Daniel Cruz -Right
Allen Fisher-Both
Graham Gilbert -Both
Randy hammonds -Right
Dylan Magdaleno -Right
George Martinez -Left
Burak pekin -Right
Craig Ruiz -Both
Alan Shigley -Right
Jason smith -Right
Russell Stark -Right
Paul stevens -Right
Steven Surber -Right
Samuel West -Both
Peter Zajac -Right

Scottsdale, Arizona:
Allen Dustin -Both
Arceneaux Wayne -Right
Axtell Jim -Both
Brzenk John -Both
Dragomir Ovidiu -Both
Garrecta Carl -Right
Hall Brandon -Both
Hammonds Randy -Right
Johnson Brett -Both
Pettis Oscar -Left
Jorgensen james -Both
Klaff scott -Both
Loeffler Luke -Both
Misson Robert -Both
Real Bird Leander -Both
Ryker Todd -Right
West Sam -Right
Wolfe Eric -Right

Sheboygan, Wisconsin:
Shane Alger -Right
Steve Baldwin –Both
Ryan Baldwin-left
Matthew Birk -Left
Leander bonnet -Both
Coyne Borree -Right
Benjamin Carrier -left
Philip Delaney -Right
Nicholas Harmatys -Right
Colyn  Hart -Left
Jason  Hendrickson-Both
Tim Hill -Right
Gary Hollingsworth -Both
Zachary Huston -Both
Lee Jobelius -Both
Anthony Kitowski -Both
Paul Konen -Both
Ruben Santiesteban -Right
Daniel Steiner -Right
Samuel Tabbert -Right
Gia Vang -Right
Randall Wettstein -Right

Spartanburg, South Carolina:
Bianchi Michael -Both
Butcher Jonathan -Both
Corry fritz -Both
Crisp Adam -Right
Edwards II Johnny -Both
Harris Matt -Both
Hilton Greg -Both
Inabinet Russell -Both
Irizarry Hector -Both
Jigalko Alex -Both
Ridley Cody -Right
Sanders William -Left
Sartain Timothy -Right
Silvers chad -Both
Travis Janssen -Right

Star City, Arkansas:
Brandon Adams - Right
Sam Bowling - Both
Christopher Bryant - Right
Nick Clark - Both
Corey Dial - Both
Aaron Hooten - Right
Bruce Jones - Both
James Johnson- Right
Aaron Leamons - Left
Tyler Manning - Both
Glen McMahan - Left
Michael Myers - Both
Stephen Newton - Right
Logan Sheridan - Right
Andrew Simpson - Both
James Smith - Both
Mike Smith - Right
Curtis Williams - Right
Josh Wood – Both

Sunset Valley, Texas:
Blackwell Bradley -Both
Burnett robby -Both
Canga Michael -Both
Glass Joshua -Left
Glass Todd -Right
Gray Gregory -Right
Ham Justin -Right
Levulett Jarrod -Both
Lowe Anthony -Right
May Dwayne -Both
Phillips Joel -Both
Swindle Jay -Both
Waggoner Ian -Both
Swindle  Andrea -Both
May Ashley -Both

Syracuse, New York:
Travis Bagent - Both
Spencer Bartlett - Both
Joseph Canazzi - Both
Jessalyn Carosella - Both
Kali Casanova - Right
Pete Contz - Right
Michelle Dougan - Right
Andrea DuVall - Left
John Eaton - Both
Ron Feher - Right
Charles Fisk - Left
Terry Furry - Right
Michael Grimaldi - Both
Bill Gundrum - Both
Matt Gundrum - Both
Steve Hale - Left
Skip Hasbrouck - Right
Mike homewood - Both
Shane Kerry - Both
Eric Komar - Right
Daniel Kovach - Right
Chris LaFlair - Right
Ian LaLonde - Left
Jeff Luke - Right
Jason Martin - Both
Billy Masterpool - Right
Ken McKinney - Both
Kris Mikels - Right
Kris Mikels – Both
Dustin Morgan - Both
Tommy Morgan - Both
Rich Nagy - Both
Justin Ney - Left
Jim Roof - Both
Nicole Roof - Both
George Shantie - Right
Stacia Sheppard - Both
Adam Smith - Right
Donny Spinz - Right
Tylor Stevenson - Both
Larry Stirpe - Left
Karl Thompson - Right
Lance Treen - Both
Jesse Vieira - Left
Mark Walker - Right
Adam Wilmot - Both
Kathryn Wisner - Both
Bart Wood - Right
EJ Worden - Both
Jared Zinda - Right
Joey Zwack – Both
Titusville, Pennsylvania:
Terry Baideme - Right
Darryl Baideme - Both
Adam Bush - Right
Martin Brady -Right
Michael D'Ambrosio - Both
Luke Eldridge - Both
Emanuel Harris - Both
John Heynoski -Left
Jake Honecker- Both
Jullian Johnson - Left
Andrew Lavor - Right
Marshall Metzger –Right
Cory Nicole - Right
Bodey Nicole - Both
Steve North - Left
Stetson Pound - Right
Matt Prichard - Both
Nick Reynolds -Right
Jarrod Roberts- Right
Paul Schneider - Left
Dan Stiver – Right
Chris Thomas - Right
Henry VanBuren- Both
Jason Waller - Right
Adam Wawrzynski - Right
Adam Wilmont - Both
Joe Zachary – Right
Tucker, Georgia:
Logan Austin - Both
Ryan Bath - Both
Ron Bath -Both
Ty Bishop - Both
Josh Eleton - Both
Jeremy Fraley - Left
Allen Gravitt - Left
Nathan Harrison - Both
Patrick Hughes - Right
Rusty Jackson - Both
Jerome Moore - Right
Tim McPherson - Both
Thomas Moon - Both
Paul Passmore - Both
Joe Rodgers - Right
Jody Seabolt - Right
James Trent - Both
Kegan Whiteside - Right

Tuckerton, New Jersey:
Alto Zac -Both
Anthony Carlton -Right
Boyle Seth -Right
Broome Kenneth -Both
Buck Alfred -Right
DiStefano Talon -Right
Fell Josh -Right
Gutierrez Gus -Right
Kisby Chris -Right
Luna sterling- Right
Lynch Ryan -Both
Mcgill kyle -right
Miller Jon -Both
Nugent Todd -Right
Parsons Shawn -Right
Sing Harry -Both
Sofield Nick -Both
Thomas Ika -Both
Toffenetti Stefan -Right

Tulsa, Oklahoma:
Adams Jeff -Both
Altman Shane -Right
Cotton J. Paul -Both
Coyle Nathan -Right
Davidson Adam -Both
Davidson Isaiah -Left
Dieringer Alex -Left
Dollar Cody -Both
Dysart Alicia -Both
Flanagan Larry -Both
Fuller Annie -Both
Goolsby Mike -Right
Hostetler Nathan -Both
Hunhoff Tim -Both
Kirby Chris -Right
Kirwin Michael -Both
Melendy Levi -Both
Montgomery James -Right
Moore Neil -Both
Moreno Andy -Both
Niver Walker -Both
Niver Tyler -Both
Nutsch Julie -Both
Nutsch Mark -Both
Radford Russ -Both
Sartori Matthew -Both
Schrader Russ -Both
Secrest Blake -Right
Shaw Nicklos -Right
Snyman Colin -Both
Spradling Troy -Right
Stevenson Stuart -Both
Talton Jadako -Left
Talton Bryce -Left
Talton Zane -Right
Talton Isiah -Right
Tiblow Tanner -Right
Whittle Daniel -Both
Woodhouse Joshua -Both
Yates Doug -Right

Wanamingo, Minnesota:
Chalbi Yosef -Both
Dabe Jeff -Left
Devitt John -Right
Dunsmore Jason -Left
Gromov Roman -Both
Hall Gabe -Right
Handeland Josh -Both
Hughes Marcus -Both
Hughes Daniel -Both

Winnipeg, Manitoba:
Asham Kari -Both
Low Rob -Both
McCorrister Gerald -Both
McGillivary Tyrone -Left
Mcleod Cory - Both
Monk Trent -Both
Morneau Josee -Both
Pagdato Justin -Right
Penner Nick- Both
Rohl Jennifer  -Both
Scott Stan -Right
Spence Derek -Both
Sutherland Brittany -Both
Wiebe Brent -Both
Wood Lorne -Right
Thomas Justin -Right

Yankton, South Dakota:
Bostwick Brandon -Both
Bostwick Tony -Right
Brown teagan -Both
Delauder tj -Both
Josten Chris -Both
Larson Sonny -Both
Lohmann Scott -Both
Mcgarry Mike -Both
New Thomas -Right
Stevenson Brian -Both
Stevenson Cameron -Both