Vincent  Vetere

NICKNAME: Magic Vinny
HEIGHT: 5’8” / 172.72 cm
WEIGHT: 195 LBS. / 88.53 Kg
OCCUPATION: Professional Magician & Illusionist

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

Vincent  Vetere

NICKNAME: Magic Vinny

HEIGHT: 5’8”


HOMETOWN: Smithtown, New York
RIVALRIES: Jason Vale and Pat Baffa
FAMILY: "Married for 20 years with two beautiful daughters."
WAL TITLES: WAL 2015 Finalist
EMPLOYMENT: Professional Magician & Illusionist, Break-dancer, Christian Evangelist, Retired New York City Correction Officer, Martial Arts Instructor, and Author.
HOBBIES: "Boating, hiking, biking, camping, scuba diving, treasure hunting, armwrestling, fishing, mostly all with my family."
INTERESTING FACT OR EXPERIENCE THAT HELPED SHAPE LIFE: "Back in 1990, while I was working as a NYC Correction Officer at Rikers Island jails, I was stuck in a riot fighting for my life as well as my partner's life. Blood was everywhere. My partner yelled 'Vetere, watch out!' I ducked down and turned, the inmate caught me in the jaw, and then wrapped his arms around my neck. Very Scary! My first reaction was to flip him over my shoulder, but he resisted resulting in his arm breaking at the elbow. The threat was just about over."
UNIQUE FACT: My family comes first in everything I do. I do it for the glory of God. We all have gifts and talents, and winning first place in them is a great feeling, but having God as the center makes it complete."
FAVORITE ARMWRESTLING MEMORY:  "This starts back in 1996 on the USS Intrepid for the New York Armwrestling Competition, which was one of the biggest at the time. I had just won the 175lbs weight class and then fell asleep. I didn’t realize there was an overall, so they gave the MVP to a Super Heavyweight, because nobody was even close to beating him. Then everybody kept calling my name to the table. I went there half asleep, and they asked me if I wanted to challenge for the MVP. I said 'yes.' The music from Rocky was playing, and yes, I’m 100% Italian. We put chalk on, came to the table, locked hands and the Ref said 'go.' I hit him so fast and so hard that the chalk went flying the table shook and there was a loud thud. The Ref yelled 'Winner, Vinny Vetere!' The crowd went crazy! I had just won the MVP at the biggest tournament of the time. They gave me the mic and I thanked God as always."
BIGGEST ARMWRESTLING ACCOMPLISHMENT: "Winning the NY Armwrestling MVP at the USS Intrepid."
BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: "If you give 100% of yourself to God, you will have fulfillment whether you win or lose. Love your family above the sport, train as to win the prize, then leave the outcome to God."
BIGGEST OBSTACLE FACED AND OVERCAME: "When my baby daughter was sick in the hospital and we were waiting for the results. I was walking in circles, crying out to God. I couldn’t eat, drink, everything was foggy. I kept holding on to bible scriptures, on my knees in prayer. It helped me to get through it."


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