Valerie Beach

NICKNAME: Wonder Woman
HEIGHT: 5’6” / 167.64 cm
WEIGHT: 126 LBS. / 57.204 Kg
OCCUPATION: Trainer, Fitness Model & Athlete

Record: 7-5
Hometown: Boston
Favorite Technique: "Whatever it takes to win."
Rivalries: "At this level there is no easy opponent."
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 16 inches

2015 – WAL Championships, Las Vegas – 0-128lbs – Right Hand Champion
2015 – WAL Championships, Las Vegas – 0-128lbs – Left Hand Champion

About Valerie Beach
About Valerie Beach

Valerie has been competing for around 15 years and describes her difficult start in life as being one of the main drives for getting to the top of female armwrestling. She explains "During my childhood and during my teenage years I was unceremoniously bounced from foster home to foster home, forcing me to forge a resilient nature and adaptability to my environment/surroundings. Overcoming countless obstacles on my life has given me the inner strength and self-confidence to achieve anything I strive to achieve. I am a proud mother of two very handsome little boys that motivate and drive me to succeed." This attitude and drive has seen her climb to the top of the WAL women’s division, as she was crowned WAL Women’s 0-128lbs Champion in 2015 on both Right and Left hand.
Away from the table, Valerie enjoys spending time with her sons, traveling, the great outdoors, gym, meeting new people, and activities with her church.

MOTTO: "You can’t fix something you are not willing to face!"

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