Tony Thomilson

HEIGHT: 6’5” / 195.58 cm
WEIGHT: 345 LBS. / 156.63 Kg
OCCUPATION: Logical Home Improvement Services President

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

Tony Thomilson

HEIGHT: 6’5”


AGE: 35
HOMETOWN: Longmont, Colorado
FAMILY: Married with 2 boys/ 1 girl
HOBBIES: Boxing, team armwrestling, promotions, and directing tournaments
FAVORITE TRAINING TECHNIQUE: Table time, Band work, Heavy resistance
TITLES: WAL 50 States Colorado Left Hand Champion
EMPLOYMENT: President of Logical Home Improvement Services
INTERESTING FACT OR EXPERIENCE THAT HELPED SHAPE LIFE: “Throughout my life, I have experienced countless obstacles and even faced death a few times. In my younger years as a child, all I ever knew was poverty, violence, alcohol, abuse, and discrimination towards the fact that I am of mixed race.  Even though I had a few caring, but long distance relatives, we were far from living a lavish life and a dollar was like a piece of gold.  My Mother was always sick and in the hospital with multiple major surgeries for tumors.  I never felt I had time to have a childhood due to helping with my 3 siblings.  But I was fortunate enough to have a loving mother, when somewhat healthy, always found a way to make us laugh. With all the turmoil in my life, I developed a hostile attitude toward everyone and had anger problems that landed me in a Juvenile detention center and eventually the state hospital.  It wasn’t until I began playing football, and found my first love (boxing) at the age of 14 that I was able to channel my anger. When I was 15 year-old, I was accidently shot in the right eye, which took my sight and any possible career in the Military.  All my goals before were based around my going professional boxing in the Military and aspiring towards being the Super Heavyweight World Champion.  All-the-while, getting my education in Criminal Justice and becoming a Police Chief.  After I found that I would never get my vision back, and against my doctors advice, I wanted to see how I would do if I continued to box in the amateur ranks.  Six months after the accident, I went to the Junior Olympics in Marquette Michigan with no prior bouts and placed 3rd among 16 regional champions.  I went 16-2 in the amateur ranks only to lose close bouts in the beginning to National Champions with much more experience. At the age of 18, when my first pro fight debut was scheduled, I found that I was not allowed to fight pro with a blind eye.  This was a big-time let down and threw me into a depression.  2 years later, another hit.  My Mother broke down from sickness and died at the young age of 39.  She was my rock and motivation in all things.  I was lost. There wasn’t a specific time I felt that things started to look positive but it wasn’t until I met my current Wife Romaine in 2008 that I was truly able to get out of my dark times and past.  She has shown me how to live and find happiness in the least of things.  I now see the little things should not be taken for granted.  My family and friends are priceless.  I have found a motivation that my Mother once gave me within these relationships and strive to be the absolute best in all I do. Even though hard times always seem to find me, I have a mindset to push on and achieve everything I have ever wanted.  It’s only a matter of time.”
UNIQUE FACT: “Ever since seriously beginning the game in October, 2014, I found a heavy motivation to help the sport grow.  Along with wanting to compete to be the best, I understood the challenges this sport have to offer and how it can change lives for the better.  Knowing this, I decided to jump in as a competitor, promoter, and director to make a difference.  Even though it has been hard, my team and family gives me the drive to overcome obstacles and push on.”
MOTTO:  “Nothing is given, one must take it by force”
BIGGEST ARMWRESTLING ACCOMPLISHMENT:  “Most recently, winning my left hand 1st place match against Matt Girdner.  He has been known as the best left and right puller in Colorado State for many years.”
FAVORITE ARMWRESTLING MEMORY: “Weekly training regiments with the team are always a great and wonderful experience!  Seeing each individual getting better week in and week out.  One specific memory and achievement is, every weight class the team entered, the individual took 1st place.  Not a bad day!”
BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: Never give up!  Never back down!  If you take on competition, make sure you give it your all mentally and physically.  Most of all, have fun!
BIGGEST OBSTACLE FACED AND OVERCAME: “My biggest obstacle is not having enough time to train like I should.  Holding down a full time job, taking on College classes, making sure I have some family time, and directing a team and tournaments, has been a huge task. Time management is key.  Knowing when and how I am to achieve each on an individual level while keeping to a schedule.”

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