Tom Nelson

NICKNAME: The Real Deal
HEIGHT: 6’1” / 185.42 cm
WEIGHT: 250 LBS. / 113.5 Kg

Record: 12-6
Hometown: Orangevale, California
Favorite Technique: “Putting people in places where they’re weak.”
Rivalries: "Every single human walking the Earth who arm wrestles."
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 18 inches/45 cm

2015 - WAL Championships – 3rd Place, Heavyweight - Left-hand
2015 - WAL Western Regionals - 3rd Place, Heavyweight - Right-hand,
2015 - WAL Western Regionals - 2nd Place, Heavyweight - Left-hand
2014 - WAL Championships - 4th Place, Heavyweight - Left-hand

About Tom Nelson
When asked about how he got into armwrestling Tom reflects, “My supervisor at work, walked past me one day and challenged me, but it took me three months to actually get a match with him. After I finally crushed him, he looked me right in the eye and said you better get online, find tournaments, train and take this seriously”. So, Tom did, he joined up with Sacramento Arm Benders and started training hard. Tom has now been competing seriously for 20 years.
In 2002 Nelson was involved in a horrific ATV crash. He fractured his skull, cheekbone, eye socket, ear canal, and sinus cavity.  He tore tendons in his neck, which caused horrible pains to his nerve endings. He lost parts of his hamstring, knee bones and calf muscle and has suffered brain damage. As this happened, Tom explains that he heard God tell him that “he will be fine and that he’s going to be a World Champion.” Overcoming all obstacles, Tom took time to rebuild his body with this message in his mind, he is now back on the elite stage and stronger than ever, ready to take on the best heavyweight armwrestlers in the world.
Tom is married and has two young girls. Away from armwrestling he is a huge motor cross fan, and races motor cross bikes in his spare time.

Motto: “Never die easy.”

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