Tatiane Faria

HEIGHT: 5’7” / 170.18 cm
WEIGHT: 128 LBS. / 58.112 Kg
OCCUPATION: Personal Trainer

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

Tatiane Faria


HEIGHT: 5’7”


Lever Length: 17.5 inches 

Hometown: Campinas, Brazil

Favorite Arm-wrestling Technique: Top roll 

Rivalries: Nadiya Wilczynski, Michelle Smart, Barbara Schlegel, Valerie Beach and Jodi Larratt

Years competing in the Sport: 6 years 

Family: My life and my inspiration 

Hobbies: Armwrestling, skating, traveling, and to having fun with friends.
Favorite Training Technique: Pulling with different handles at a high pulley with an Armwrestling table. 
Titles: WAL New Jersey Qualifying champion in 2016 and WAL Northern regionals champion in 2016. WAL New Jersey Qualifying champion in 2017,  WAL majors Philadelphia Champion in 2017.
Interesting fact or experience that helped shape life: The death of my mother made me become more focused in life and in my personal goals.
Unique fact: I believe that life is made of unique and unforgettable moments. From a hug from my mother to my first world championship.
Motto: Live simply. Love generously. Take care intensely. Speak kindly, and especially do not complain. Bother to thank you for what you are, and all you have! And leave the rest to God.
Biggest Armwrestling Accomplishment:  2nd place at WAF worlds in 2016. 
Favorite Armwrestling Memory: Being on the podium of the world championship (2nd place), with a flag of Brazil.
Best advice received: We never know how strong we are until being strong is the only choice.
Biggest obstacle faced and overcame: The loss of my mom to cancer.