Tatiane Faria

HEIGHT: 5’7” / 170.18 cm
WEIGHT: 128 LBS. / 58.112 Kg
OCCUPATION: Personal Trainer

Record: 13-3
Hometown: Campinas, Brazil
Favorite Technique: Toproll
Rivalries: Victoria Karlsson, Lucia Debnarova, Michelle Smart, Luiza Gabueva, Debbie Banaian
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 17.5

WAL New Jersey Qualifying champion in 2016 and WAL Northern regionals champion in 2016
WAL New Jersey Qualifying champion in 2017,  WAL majors Philadelphia Champion in 2017

About Tatiane Faria
About Tatiane Faira: 

When asked about her armwrestling career Tatiane explains “The death of my mother made me become more focused in life and on my personal goals. One of those goals in particular was to prove I can be at the top of the WAL women’s division." Tatiane’s focus and drive on this goal is clear as she has placed in the top of the women’s lightweight division in 2 WAL championships. She now remains focused and centered on winning a WAL championships with the energy and speed that she brings to the WAL table.

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