Sam Harris

HEIGHT: 5’11” / 180.34 cm
WEIGHT: 165 LBS. / 74.91 Kg
OCCUPATION: Commercial Roofing

Record: 27-7
Hometown: New Paris, Pennsylvania
Favorite Technique: Toproll, Hook
Rivalries: Paul Talbott, Justin Bishop, Luke Kindt
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 19.75 inches/50.1 cm

2018 - WAL 406 Championships - 1st Place, Lightweight - Right Hand
2017 - WAL Eastern Regionals - 1st Place, Lightweight – Right hand
2017 - WAL Western Regionals - 2nd Place, Lightweight – Right Hand
2016 - WAL Championships - 3rd Place, Lightweight – Right Hand
2016 - WAL Northern Regionals - 2nd Place, Lightweight - Right Hand 

About Sam Harris
Sam Harris only started armwrestling in 2010, The roofer out of New Paris, Pennsylvania was curious about the sport after beating everyone at his high school.
His breakthrough into competitive armwrestling occurred when he found a tournament being held in Erie by WAL head referee and pulling pillar Bart Wood. “I went to the event and Bart pulled me aside and showed me how you do it,” Harris recalled. “And that was it.”. By 2012 Sam was travelling across all on North America to compete in events.
Sam is one of the most gifted and progressive lightweights in North America with natural technique and raw strength he has the potential to develop into the worlds leading Lightweight puller. 
Sam is the father to one Daughter.
Motto: “hard work, works."

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