Ron Bath

NICKNAME: The Legend
HEIGHT: 6’2” / 187.96 cm
WEIGHT: 225 LBS. / 102.15 Kg
OCCUPATION: Bath Enterprises Inc. Owner

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

Ron Bath

NICKNAME: The Legend

HEIGHT: 6’2”


HOMETOWN: Canton, Georgia
RIVALRIES: “Marcio Barboza, John Brzenk, Devon Larratt – anyone across the table from me.”
FAMILY: Bath has been married for thirty years and has 4 children (Nicole, Ryan, Josh, and Matt) and 3 grandchildren.  
WAL TITLES: WAL 2015 Southern Region: 2nd Place Right-hand, 2nd Place Left-hand; WAL 2015 Championships: 4th Place Right-hand
HOBBIES: Bath enjoys spending time with his family and hunting. He used to play and coach baseball.
FAVORITE TRAINING TECHNIQUE: “Table time with teammates and weights with cables and rubber straps.”
INTERESTING FACT OR EXPERIENCE THAT HELPED SHAPE LIFE: “I was arm-wrestling in Wisconsin in bar tourneys. Then in 1985, I moved to Georgia and met World and National Champions Bert Whitfield and Jonny Walker and starting training for the Worlds.”
MOTTO: “Leave it all on the table.” 
FAVORITE ARM-WRESTLING MEMORY: Bath recalls being called “The Legend” on ESPN over ten years ago. His two youngest children asked, “Dad, what’s a legend?” Bath’s response was, “It just means you’re getting old.” They have since learned what it really means.
BIGGEST ARM-WRESTLING ACCOMPLISHMENT: The next win is always the biggest for Bath. He is proud of winning 3 World titles in London and beating John Brzenk.
BEST ADVICE RECEIVED: “Never think you’re more tired than your opponent and never show it.”
BIGGEST OBSTACLE FACED AND OVERCAME: “I am my biggest obstacle. I get too comfortable and complacent. I overcome it mentally.”