Paul Talbott

NICKNAME: The Assassin
HEIGHT: 6’2” / 187.96 cm
WEIGHT: 206 LBS. / 93.524 Kg
OCCUPATION: Norfolk Southern T&E Conductor

Record: 32-9
Hometown: Highlandtown, Ohio
Favorite Technique: ‘No favorite move. I do whatever my opponent lacks in defending!"
Rivalries: "Any Top 5 competitor in the world!"
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 19.5 inches/49.5 cm

2017 – WAL Championships – 3rd Place, Middleweight – Right Hand
2017 – WAL Championships – 1st Place, Middleweight – Left Hand
2017 - WAL Midwest Classic ‘Tenacious 12’ - 2nd Place, Middleweight- Right Hand
2016 - WAL Championships – 2nd Place, Lightweight - Left Hand
2016 - WAL Northern Regionals – 2nd Place, Lightweight - Left Hand
2015 - WAL Northern Regionals - 1st Place, Lightweight - Right Hand
2015 - WAL Northern Regionals - 1st Place, Lightweight - Left Hand
2015 - WAL Championships – 1st Place, Lightweight - Left Hand
2015 - WAL Championships – 3rd Place, Lightweight - Right Hand
2014 - WAL Championships - 1st Place, Lightweight - Left Hand

About Paul Talbott
Talbott is a family man, with a passion and drive to be armwrestling's most successful Lightweight turned Middleweight. Talbott’s single mother raised him. They didn’t have much, but they had everything they needed to get by. He used everyone’s negativity to drive him in all his accomplishments in life and in the sport.  He explains, “I’m not unique. I’m just a small-town guy trying to make it in this world and make my family proud.”
Paul found his first in tournament in Eastern VA online and decided to go with encouragement from his wife. He crushed the competition and placed 1st in the tournament.  After winning in Eastern VA he decided to drive from Ohio to Marylyn to compete as an amateur, but to his surprise got thrown in with the pros. Despite his amateur status, he won the Left Hand professional category and has never looked back. Paul has now been competing as a professional for 8 years after only competing once as an amateur.

Talbots is married with three children.

Motto: “The difference between me and you is you’re not me and I‘m not you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you what you can and can’t do, opportunities are endless.”

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