Nick Zinna

HEIGHT: 6’4” / 193.04 cm
WEIGHT: 290 LBS. / 131.66 Kg

Record: 13-10
Hometown: Polo, Missouri
Favorite Technique: Toproll
Rivalries: Steven Green
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 20 inches/50 cm

2016 - WAL Southern Regionals - 2nd Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand
2015 - WAL Championships - 2nd Place, Super Heavyweight – Right Hand
2015 - WAL Southern Regional - 1st Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand
2014 - WAL Championships - 4th Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand

About Nick Zinna
Zinna grew up on a hog farm. Which is where he got strong. He still farms and does workouts on the farm mainly focusing on his hand and wrist strength, he enjoys any workout that involves his hands. Zinna has been competing at the top level for 15 years but despite his success remains to have a humble perspective to competition due to his pure love for armwrestling, he explains, “I don’t have to win to have fun. I just love to compete. Winning isn’t everything to me. I’m glad to be here.”
Nick is married to Tiffany Zinna and together they have young daughter and son Lillian and Oliver. Nick describes himself as a “Beef-eating, fur-toting, red-blooded American,” he is a naturally strong puller within the heavyweight division and his unique style is not to be underestimated.

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