Mike Ayello

NICKNAME: Beach Muscles
HEIGHT: 6’5” / 195.58 cm
WEIGHT: 265 LBS. / 120.31 Kg

Record: 14-5
Hometown: Queens, New York
Favorite Technique: Toproll
Rivalries: "Everyone"
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 15 inches/38.1 cm

2015 – WAL North Regionals – 4th Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand
2014 – WAL Championships – 2nd Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand

About Mike Ayello
Mike “Beach Muscles” Ayello found out he was good at armwrestling years ago while working as a bouncer in Manhattan. He beat all the other bouncers and soon went on to competitions, going pro two weeks after his first tournament.

The Queens native’s day job as a New York City firefighter keeps him in shape for pulling. Hauling hundreds of pounds of gear five stories up an aerial ladder or holding an 80-pound Jaws of Life machine for an hour while cutting someone out of a crushed vehicle, will do that.

Ayello loves the gritty, one-on-one competition of pulling. He also digs the camaraderie among pullers. Away from the table, that is.

“I can know somebody for 10 years, you’re my boy, but when we get to the table I’m going to rip your arm off.”

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