Michael Todd

HEIGHT: 6’3” / 190.5 cm
WEIGHT: 265 LBS. / 120.31 Kg
OCCUPATION: Body Transformation Specialist

Record: 13-3
Hometown: Hot Springs, AR
Favorite Technique: Toproll, Transitional Shoulder Press
Rivalries: Dave Chaffee, Devon Larratt
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 19.5inches/49 cm

2018 - WAL 406 Championships - 1st Place,  Heavyweight - Right Hand
2017 - WAL Championships - 1st Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand

About Michael Todd
Growing up in Arkansas, Michael ‘Monster’ Todd remembers people of all ages armwrestling to test their strength and settle their debts, and his father would challenge him regularly to see if he was getting stronger. In his Senior Year of high school, Todd found out about an armwrestling tournament at his county fair, after competing and finishing in 3rd place he was hooked. He then started holding tournaments at his local boy’s club until he felt able and ready to compete in a professional tournament in 1992. Four weeks later Todd attended his first National Championships, but it wouldn’t be until 2000 before Todd won his first ever National Title.
Fast forward to present day, ‘The Monster’ has collected 18 World Titles and 34 National Titles and is recognized as one of the world’s Elite pullers. His dedication to the sport and training regimes set him apart from other armwrestlers around the globe, and his attitude and approach to competition make him a stand out performer. "My sheer disgust for loosing almost always outweighs my opponents desire to win" he says.
Todd is married to the love of his life Rebecca, and armwrestling is way of life in their household. Rebecca in in her own right is a 6-time National Woman’s Armwrestling Champion and Ryan Morin, Todd’s stepson, is a 5-time National Champion. Aside from armwrestling, Michael and Rebecca run a Personal Training and Body Transformation business and take their training routines and cheat days very seriously! They also like to spend their free time with their two young grandchildren.

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