Luke Kindt

NICKNAME: Lightning
HEIGHT: 6’0” / 182.88 cm
WEIGHT: 170 LBS. / 77.18 Kg
OCCUPATION: Diesel Mechanic

Record: 22-11
Hometown: Petaluma, California
Favorite Technique: Low Hand Toproll that Kindt refers to as “The Can Opener.”
Rivalries: Allen Fischer
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 19 inches/48.26 cm

2017 - WAL Championships - 3rd Place, Lightweight - Right Hand
2016 - WAL Southern Regionals – 1st Place, Lightweight - Right Hand
2015 - WAL Championships - 4th Place, Lightweight - Right Hand
2015 - WAL Western Regionals -2nd Place, Lightweight - Right Hand
2015 - WAL Western Regionals - 2nd Place, Lightweight - Left Hand
2014 - WAL World Championships - 4th Place, Lightweight - Right Hand

About Luke Kindt
Kindt lives in Petaluma, California where armwrestling started in the 1950's. Kindt was a born athlete, but never had the grades to play sports. His life's passion was always to compete at the highest level. Armwrestling fell into his life at the perfect time. Dropping out of high school with no direction or guidance was a scary time for him. Armwrestling taught Kindt discipline, giving him purpose, and making him feel important for the first time in his life. Kindt believes armwrestling made him who he is today.

To stay in competition shape Luke focuses on muscle ups, one arm pull-ups and climbing rope. He explains “What makes me unique is my ability to break down and attack my opponents’ weaknesses. Being diverse and unpredictable is my trademark.”
Luke and his long-term girlfriend live together in Petalima. Away from armwrestling he enjoys Drag Racing.

Motto: "Everybody pities the weak; jealousy you have to earn."

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