Lisa Wolfley

NICKNAME: Lovely Lisa
HEIGHT: 5’7” / 170.18 cm
WEIGHT: 150 LBS. / 68.1 Kg
OCCUPATION: SR Fabrication

Record: 12-3
Hometown: Salt Lake City, Utah
Favorite Technique: “Whatever technique is needed to win.”
Rivalries: Michelle Smart, Angela Rose, Joyce King
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 16 inches/ 40.6 cm

2017 - WAL Western Regionals – 1st Place, 149lbs – Right Hand
2016 - WAL Utah State Championships – 1st Place, 149lbs – Right Hand

About Lisa Wolfley
Lisa’s passion and focus on armwrestling throughout her career has led her to become one of the most recognized female armwrestlers in the world. She is a multi-time US Champion and multi time World Champion. Lisa is proud to represent her country and explains, “Working hard and becoming a great armwrestler has given me the opportunity to hold high the stars and stripes, the flag of the Country I love and for that I'm very grateful.”

Lisa is a pioneer for women’s armwrestling and is a role model for young female armwrestlers; she started armwrestling in grade school but didn’t get into the sport without adversity "My father told me as a young lady that girls shouldn’t have muscles and shouldn’t armwrestle.  I rebelled drastically and became one of the best female armwrestlers in the world.  He quickly changed his outlook as he watched me win my gold medal at the 2010 World Championship” she says. According to Lisa, winning that World Championship in 2010 is her biggest armwrestling accomplishment, but she proudly expresses that her favorite armwrestling memory was watching her son Saxxon Ryan armwrestle for the first time. The best advice she ever received was to "Pursue your passion and don’t let anybody dictate your life.”
Motto “Do what you love!"

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