Jonna Blind

HEIGHT: 5’3” / 160.02 cm
WEIGHT: 111 LBS. / 50.394 Kg
OCCUPATION: Reindeer Herder

Record: 4-2
Hometown: Klimpfjäll
Rivalries: “I never underestimate anyone”.
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 16.9 inches, 43 cm

About Jonna Blind
ABOUT: Jonna tried armwrestling for the first time in middle school and knew she was strong as she would beat all the boys her age. A few years later, she was encouraged to attend an armwrestling practice and after a few training sessions, her teammates recognized her potential and encouraged her to compete. Jonna, took their advice and decided to attend the European Championships for her first ever armwrestling tournament. She did so well for a first timer that she decided to attend the World Championships in that same year. She sums up her quick rise in the sport by stating “In no time at all I was at the World Championships and was completely in love with sport, I had found myself an extra family of armwrestlers from all over the world, I was obsessed and was no way turning back.” Jonna has now been competing for six years and is one of the WAL women to look out for!
Away from the table, Jonna has always been close with and grown up around nature. She comes from a long line or Reindeer Herders, who follow Sami Native traditions and culture. Jonna stays true to her family roots and keeps her own reindeer.


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