John Cervantes

HEIGHT: 6’0” / 182.88 cm
WEIGHT: 210 LBS. / 95.34 Kg
OCCUPATION: Power Lineman

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips)

John Cervantes


HEIGHT: 6’0”


Hometown: Acton Maine USA Arm.
Favorite Armwrestling Technique: Hook/toproll.
Years Competing in the Sport: 9years
Rivalries:  "Whoever is across the table"
WAL Titles: 2016 Chicago 225 Fifth Place Left Arm, Las Vegas 2016 Championships, Qualifier Champion 225 Vermont and Maine
Hobbies: Spending time with family, hiking, fishing
Favorite Technique:  Hand Control
Training Method: Table Time
Greatest Armwrestling Accomplishment:  2016 Championships in Las Vegas
Best Advice Received: "Make realistic goals. Armwrestling takes lots of time to learn and make gains."

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