Jerry  Cadorette

HEIGHT: 6’1” / 185.42 cm
WEIGHT: 330 LBS. / 149.82 Kg
OCCUPATION: Car Dealership owner

Record: 23-5
Hometown: Rehoboth, Massachusetts
Favorite Technique: Press
Rivalries: Dave Chaffee
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 26 inches/66 cm

2016 - WAL Championships – 3rd Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand
2016 - WAL Championships - 2nd Place, Super Heavyweight - Left Hand
2016 - WAL Northern Regionals – 2nd Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand
2015 - WAL Northern Regionals – 2nd Place, Super Heavyweight – Right Hand
2015 - WAL Championships – 3rd Place, Superheavyweight - Right Hand

About Jerry  Cadorette
Jerry grew up a football star, he captained his high school team and went on to have a college and semi-pro career, for Arkansas. Although, it was early on in his football career where he discovered armwrestling. Jerrys high school Athletic Director was an armwrestling enthusiast who ensured the weight room had a fully function table, so Jerry would challenge his team mates in between sets. Due to the Football teams interest in armwrestling they held a High School competition, being the captain and strongest guy in the team Jerry thought he would walk it, he didn’t. Losing in the final was embarrassing, but it gave Jerry a drive to get better and he started training with other armwrestlers and seeking out competition. In 1989 Jerry attended his first ever tournament, the New England State Championships, he won the whole event and has now been armwrestling at the top level for 27 years.
Along the way, the super heavy weight has had to overcome some significant obstacles in his journey to the top. He has multiple injuries and had to take periods of time off competing for back surgery. Despite these injuries, Cadorette’s favorite memory is coming back to beat Travis Bagent in a super match, in epic fashion.

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