Jeff Tindol

HEIGHT: 5’8” / 172.72 cm
WEIGHT: 165 LBS. / 74.91 Kg
OCCUPATION: Walmart Manager

EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 0

Jeff Tindol

HEIGHT: 5’8”


Age: 45
Hometown: Center, Texas
Current Town: Rowlett, Texas
Favorite Armwrestling Technique: TopRoll
Rivalries: Jim Coyle
Years Competing in Armwrestling: 2.5 years
Family: Married with a 3 year-old daughter
Hobbies: Armwrestling, drag racing
Favorite Training Technique: 1 arm dumbell preacher curls, using a karate belt
Titles: Texas State Finalist
Employment: Walmart Manager
Interesting Fact or Experience that Helped Shape Life: "I graduated HS and weighed 120 lbs soaking wet. I got motivated, found a gym, and went on to powerlifting and bodybuilding. I set 2 State Records and 1 World Record in Bench Press and Deadlift."
Unique Fact: Legally blind in one eye
Motto: "If the plan doesn't work, then change the plan, But NEVER THE GOAL!"
Biggest Armwrestling Accomplishment: "Defeating Jim Coyle at this year's Regionals!"
Favorite Armwrestling Memory: "The 1st day I watched GAME OF ARMS and decided to train!"
Best Advice Received: "Don't sweat the small stuff, it's all small stuff!"
Biggest Obstacle Faced and Overcame: "Went from being a 120 lb stick figure, to a National Level Bodybuilder!"

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