Ian Carnegie

NICKNAME: "The Grippler”
HEIGHT: 6’1” / 185.42 cm
WEIGHT: 350 LBS. / 158.9 Kg
OCCUPATION: Ex Canadian Military

Record: 15-7
Hometown: Pembroke, Montreal
Favorite Technique: Hook, High Hook, Transitional Armwrestler
Rivalries: Michael Todd, Shawn Lattimer, Travis Bageant
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 19 inches/48.26 cm

2017 - WAL Midwest Classic ‘Tenacious 12’ - 2nd Place, Super Heavyweight - Right Hand
2017 - WAL Midwest Classic ‘Tenacious 12’ – 3rd Place, Super Heavyweight - Left Hand

About Ian Carnegie
“The Grippler" belongs to one of Canada’s most prestigious wrestling families. Son of Gary Carnegie, a Canadian Army Veteran and Diane ‘Vivian’ Vachon a Canadian Wrestling Queen and Hall of Famer. Nephew to two wrestling Hall of Fame Uncles Maurice “Mad Dog” Vachon and Paul “The Butcher” Vachon, as well as cousin to former WWE Super Star Trudy “Luna” Vachon. Wrestling clearly flow through Ian’s veins and he is quickly becoming a staple name in Professional Armwrestling with WAL.

Ian’s son Liam Carnegie is also carrying on the family name, the 16-year-old Football Player/Armwrestler is making an early name for himself in his father’s sport. Liam was recently crowned Canadian National Champion for his age category and has the same Leverage (elbow to fingertip) measurement as WAL Heavyweight Champion Devon Larratt! Liam is one to watch for future years!
When talking about his early life, Ian says “I came from a broken home and persevered through the death of my mother and sister at a young age. I used my athletics as an escape from reality and I joined the military at the age of 22.” Ian served his country in Afghanistan and recently retired in the summer of 2016.  Becoming a household name in armwrestling is a goal of The Gripplers he states “I have dreams and aspirations to be great and those who are in my way I see as stepping stones on my accent to getting to greatness! My name is Ian Carnegie and you will remember me!”
Motto: “Those who except less often get it."

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