Fia Reisek

HEIGHT: 5’7” / 170.18 cm
WEIGHT: 143 LBS. / 64.922 Kg

Record: 4-0
Hometown: Ensamheten
Favorite Technique: start training
Rivalries: "Every other country."
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 18.11

2018 - WAL  406 Championships - 1st Place,  Middleweight - Right Hand

About Fia Reisek
About Fia Reisek

Fia Reisek, grew up in a place that is described as the "Armwrestling Mecca", Storuman Sweden. She trains out of Storuman Armsport, a gym that has 40-50 members dedicated to achieving armwrestling glory. Fia has been pulling since she was just seven years old and has been trained by her father throughout her career.
Reisek made WAL history in 2016 as the first and only women to ever lift two Hammers at a WAL championships. Her dominant performance in the WAL has strengthened her reputation as the strongest and most feared women’s middleweight armwrestler on the planet! Fia is a self-professed ‘strength training enthusiast’ and away from armwrestling has competed and won multiple Swedish National Strong Women tournaments. Fia is married with two young boys and when she’s not training at the table or lifting heavy weights, her and her husband run a gym and workshop together,

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