Doug  Erlich

NICKNAME: “The Animal”
HEIGHT: 6’0” / 182.88 cm
WEIGHT: 175 LBS. / 79.45 Kg
OCCUPATION: Civil Engineer at the Department of Defense

Record: 0-0
Hometown: Destin, Florida
Favorite Technique: Toproll & Hook
EFT (Elbow to Fingertips): 18.5 inches/47 cm

About Doug  Erlich
About Doug Erlich
Doug Erlich discovered his natural ability on the table by competing against the biggest guys he could find at bars. The more he won, the more he considered taking the sport seriously and after some time he started actively searching for tournaments to attend and compete in. The first tournament he came across was held by Armwrestling Legend Ron Bath in Atlanta. To Erlich’s surprise, he turned up, won the whole event and was instantly addicted!
In 2010, Doug started taking the sport seriously, he travelled the U.S and entered into every professional tournament he could get to. During a six-year stint from 2010-2016, Doug asserted his dominance on the sport and racked up Six National titles and 15 State titles. But, at the end of 2016 “life took over” as Doug and his wife had their third child and moved from Georgia to Florida, armwrestling was now no longer a priority for the proud father and he took time away from the sport to raise his young family.
Doug describes the WAL 2018 Supermatch Showdown Series as the reason for his comeback, “WAL’s growth and the Supermatch Series lit a fire in me, it motivated me to get back on the table and now I am ready to take down the Elite WAL Lightweights” he explains.
Watch out for Doug ‘The Animal’ Erlich as he plans to make a big impact on the WAL lightweight division!

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